How to Prune Red Cana Plants

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When pruning red cana plants, you're going to want to take great care to make sure that you don't damage the actual plants themselves. Prune red cana plants with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, it's Nell with Joy Us Garden, and today we're going to learn how to prune red canas. Now this is not a red cana so you'll have to use your imagination to make this red and the ones across the street are not red either, but you prune them all the same way regardless of what color they are. And this is my neighbor's. Canas are a ryzome, so they spread like underground stems. They've actually grown through the fence over on to my side of the fence. So this is a plant that needs water. It's not drought tolerant. So this is looking a little dry and burned because of that. So what I would do is take off these unsightly leaves here. I would take it back here and then I would take this one back here. It's not really the time to cut it all the way back because you want the plant to go through its cycle of energy. It gets its nutrients through the leaves and then they all go down the stems in to those ryzomes and they store up their energy so they can do their thing again next season. And here we are across the street. Thank goodness that Santa Barbara has a wide variety of plants because I can just go up and down the street and show you things. And here's one that is flowering. So I'm going to cut the flower off right there. There's more flower coming here, and the foliage looks fine. This foliage, this plant actually gets water. So we can see how much better the foliage looks. And it's starting to grow and spread. My neighbor just planted these a few months ago, I know that, and it was only a single stalk. Single stalk over here and single stalk over here and you can see how they've spread. So there's more coming up here and as I said, you can just leave them until they go through their cycle so these will probably get cut all the way back in February. But if you're in a colder climate, you need to dig these ryzomes up because they're going to freeze. So just keep that in mind. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden and I've just shown you how to prune a cana.


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