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Growing Tillandsia Cyanea requires the right tools and just the right environment. Grow Tillandsia Cyanea with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Hi. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and today I'm going to show you how to care for a Tillandsia Cyanea or Pink Quill plant. That's the common name and you can see why it's called Pink Quill plant. Now you might be familiar with other Tillandsias. These are Tillandsias right here, air plants. They're cute, they're adorable and these are some more. I've had these for ten years now. But these are air plants whereas this one he is growing in some soil. And what this is is a type of bromeliad and they make great house plants. They're really easy. Here in Santa Barbara they grow outdoors. But where you are you might have to have them as a house plant. And they like a bright light, nice and bright, nothing too direct to burn them. If your house is really dry inside you might want to put it in the bathroom if your bathroom has some light, or near the kitchen sink just to get a little moisture. Because that's how they grow in nature, they grow on rocks and trees and they grab everything from the air, not from the soil, even this one has a little soil in it. It can be planted in the soil. And you can see how it grows. There's one mother plant and these are all pups. And the pups are babies. So I have in my little Girly water bottle here, and how you would water this is you might just lightly do the top of the soil. Remember it's probably growing this way so, and the water just goes off it. So what you want to do is just spray into those, into each individual plant. This unlike other bromeliads doesn't have a real cup. I'm going to show you some other bromeliads later. But if you just go through and you spray and you mist it. And you might want to do that twice a week if they're indoors. Here I don't do mine because I live seven blocks from the ocean. So it gets some moisture from the air. And I don't fertilize mine because again they are outdoors so they're getting what they need from there. But you would use a liquid fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and high in potassium. That's N and K the first number and the second number. And you also want to make sure that it has no minerals in it like iron or boron or copper. They don't like that. And you would dilute it down to about quarter strength and you would spray that on the foliage. And other than that they are as easy as can be. This is Nell with Joy Us Garden, and I've just shown how to care for a Tillandsia Cyanea or a Pink Quill plant.


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