Plyometric Exercises for Fighters

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Plyometric exercises include things like the medicine ball toss and are great for working out your upper body. Learn about Plyometric exercises for fighters with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cary Williams-Nunez here at Prime Time Boxing. I'm fitness expert boxing coach with Prime Time Boxing and for the USA Boxing Team. We're going to be going over plyometric exercises for fighters. The first one we're going to be doing is a medicine ball toss. So this is for the upper body. Right here I've got my trusty medicine ball. This one is six pounds so a little light but it will do the trick. I'm going to get into my boxer stance, in my orthodox boxer stance. So I'm going to be pushing with my right hand. So I'm going to be pushing off, you can do this into a wall, you can be outside in the yard and throw it as far as you can. I'm going to push it right into here and you're going to twist and throw. So all I'm doing is pushing that out. It's just like a punch coming out, push and back. So I'm going to switch. So now I have it in my left hand, in my South paw stance and I'm going to push now with the core of my body. Remember you have to twist at the core and I'm going to throw that ball out, catch it, right back into it and back. So plyometrics, that is for the arms and for the core. So what I'm going to be doing now is some plyos for the legs and just overall body. We do in the boxing gym, we do them on the ring as well. I'm going to use this box here so for beginners it's a little shorter and all we're going to be doing is they are called box jumps, jump ups, whatever you'd like to call them. We're just going to stand maybe a foot away from the platform we're going to be jumping on and I'm going to swing and I'm going to bring both feet up right onto the box and then jump back down. It will look like this and back down, nice and soft when you land, and back down. That is our box jump. I've got one more plyometric exercise for fighters and what these are called are burpees so this really gets your wind going. What I'm going to do is I'm going to come down into a pushup position. I'm going to start doing a pushup here, bring my feet up and I'm going to jump up to the sky. So that's what a burpee is. So again, coming down, kick your feet out together in a pushup position, in a boxer pushup, bring your feet up and push it up to the sky. That is what our burpees are. So on reps, it really depends on, you know, what level you are at but you really could do I don't know, 15 to 20 burpees. Box jumps we could do again, 15 to 20 and 15 to 20 on each arm for the pushes with the medicine ball and that is your plyometrics for your fighters.


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