Level 1 Back Exercises

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Level 1 back exercises are a great type of exercise that you can complete right at home in your free time. Find out about level 1 back exercises with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cary Williams-Nunez, Fitness Expert and Boxing Coach with Prime Time Boxing and the USA Boxing Team. We are here at Prime Time Boxing and we're going to be doing some level one back exercises. So, level one really means beginner, something you might do for rehab as you're strengthening your back up. First thing we're going to do is a bridge. So, what we're going to be doing is lying flat on our back, flat, hands flat on the ground, our feet are going to be flat on the ground as well, so knees bent. And all we're going to do is rise here, we're going to lift or ramp up and make kind of an even plane here and you'll feel that, you won't, you'll feel it in your back but you're also going to feel it in your gluts and your hamstrings. So, you're going to feel all throughout here. You can do, you could do five-second hold and then bring it down and then you can do another five-second hold and then bring it down. Or, you can just hold it for as long as you can, just as long as you can. It could be 30 seconds, it could be a minute. And again, everything's straight here, plane is straight and you're going to really feel burning here and also in that lower back, and bring it down. So, what we're going to be doing now is what we call Superman's, Supergirl's, whatever you want to call them. I kind of make up the Supergirl thing, but let's start with the Superman. So, we're going to lay on our belly and a Superman is feet together, hands in front of us, our hands are touching each other. I'm going to lift my legs as high as I can, knees off the ground and I'm also going to lift my arms up. So, now, you're really going to feel it in your back; again, you feel it in your gluts and your hamstrings and you'll feel it in your upper back as well because I have my arms out here. Now, that's the Superman. The Supergirl is arms are back here. Now, what we're going to do is again, leg is up, bring your chest up off the ground. Now, we're going to press those hands towards the ceiling or the sky if you're outside. So, we're going to press them up, you're going to feel that in your triceps as well. So, here, lower back, gluts, hamstrings, you're going to feel it everywhere. But, this is a great lower back exercise when you're starting out to build up your back muscles again. So, again, we can hold it, five seconds, bring it down. We can hold it up, long as we can, long as we can, maybe a minute, let's go for a minute and then bring it down. And so, those are two really great exercises you can do for your lower back. Again, level one, so these are for beginners and remember, they, they really work a lot more than the lower back. So, you're going to get a little bone workout in there too.


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