Body-Toning Exercises for the Arms

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Certain body-toning exercises are absolutely great for taking care of loose skin and excess fat on your arms. Find out about body-toning exercises for the arms with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cary Williams-Nunez, a fitness expert and boxing coach with Prime Time Boxing, and for the USA boxing team. We're here at Prime Time Boxing and we're going to be going over some body toning arm exercises. So, first and foremost, you see this bench that I'm sitting on, here, box, rather...we're gonna start with what we call bench dips, so, we can call it a bench, I suppose. So, this is gonna work our triceps, alright? First, we're gonna keep our hands here, we're gonna sit right on it, fingers outside of there, and your feet are together, you're gonna scoot your butt off of there, you're gonna have bent knees, so your knees are kind of, oh, probably about an L-shape, I suppose, and what we're gonna do do is we're just gonna drop our rump down. So, then now, our arms are at an L-shape, and then we press it back up. So, again, these are for the triceps. There's also some different variations, you can make 'em harder, easier, but the thing that's really important is that you don't wanna go too deep because you can hurt your shoulders. So, again, you wanna really stay about a 90 degree angle, on your elbows, when you're doing these bench dips...really feel it when you press up on those triceps. And, so, those are bench dips for the triceps. So, now let's work what we call a boxer push up, and that's gonna work our triceps again, and also work our biceps, a little bit of shoulders, too. So, my idea is I'm gonna flip over and we're gonna do it off of this bench because we have it here, it makes it a little simpler for a push-up, as well, for a beginner, too. So, all I'm gonna be doing is placing my palms here, I'm gonna bring my legs out straight, keep a pretty even plane there with our body. So, first I'm gonna do a boxer push-up, and what it is, I'm gonna keep my elbows to my sides. So, my elbows to my sides, and push it up. Elbows to my sides, push it up. It's gonna work your triceps and your biceps. So, if you wanna work more of your chest, you could do that as well, you can bring your elbows out, bring your fingers in, and we can go down, and up, that's gonna work our chest, it's also gonna work our shoulders. Down, and up. Ooh, good stuff. So, those are some arm exercises, body-toning arm exercises that you can do. Lots of tricep, bicep, a little bit of shoulders, push-ups, you can't go wrong with push-ups and bench dips, those are standard.


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