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CES is a consumer electronics show that is held every year. Learn about the secrets you'll need to survive the consumer electronics show with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi. I'm The Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card in a very laid back San Fransisco. We'll tell you we're talking about how to survive CES, CES is a consumer electronics show. I'm going to give you some facts and stats on this it will blow your mind, it is the most bizarrely busy show ever, but it's amazingly productive if you get your act together. I'm going to show you now, come with me. Okay so let's get going, I'm going to show you some facts and stats on Wikipedia so you get an understanding exactly how insane this whole conference is. It started in 1967, but you can scroll down here and from 2004 onwords it goes nuts, you will see the growth, we're looking down here at 2011 a nearly 130 people were there, you're going to remember this wipes out all the Vegas hotels, a hundred and thirty thousand people, a lot. So then you can click on frequently asked questions and it'll show you basic facts and stats and you can obviously look on the right hand side as well to see what's moving and shaking, scroll a bit further down here, exhibit hours. Don't show up on roller blades at 5:30 on the first day on the Tuesday or 3:30 on the Friday, you have 15, 20 minutes to run around there, it is an enormous event. Look through and find out social events and social interaction that you can be involved in. Look at the show floor it is nuts, 1.8 million net square feet of space, bigger than my garden. There are so many different kinds of product categories, it was like 15 product categories and 20 uniquely themed tech zone groups. Remember these are the actual categories in the groups. There are so many people presenting there, you need to get your act together. So look through these resources. And as I'm loading these up now you can click on general resources or what to do if you're are a first timer, about your reregistration and badges, it is a machinery in the making is actually interesting. So I'm going to show you the very simple way. Surviving it, register to the show and book the flight and hotel early, Vegas the whole of Vegas, what happens here stays here, Vegas sells out. Get your meetings lined up in advance, don't just say, hey I'll see you at Starbucks, Vegas sells out. Get your meetings lined up in advance don't just say, hey I'll see you at Starbucks, it's don't be so stupid. You need to get a shared Google Calendar with people that you're going to be meeting and a specific location, add the booths and seminars that you want to go to as a priority, put these in order of how many and which you want to see on day one and then for each day. If you get trough even a percentage of these each day bonus to you and a rosette. Remember to include the contact information not just the land line they're going to be CES, get the cell phone details, use your brain. Follow up like 2 days prior to the meeting, it's very important to this because their plans will change don't presume it's all about you and then also sink up you Google Calendar to your cell phone or tablet or laptop or iPad what ever you're doing, things will change again in your own plans. So now I need to adapt, your meetings may need to reschedule, locations will as well, do your research. Seminars and talks that you planed to do on day one may not be a priority because you might be at a booth, you might be having a meeting with somebody, again choose your battles. If you even get like 50 percent of what you want to achieve that day, brilliant. You might again get calls to other peoples booths for longer. Aim to complete 50 percent of your calendar, 50 percent is brilliant, you see if it's like getting an A+. For meetings show up 10 minutes early, don't show up 10 minutes early to the venue, show up 10 minutes early at the location point because it can take you 45 minutes to even get through the crowd, to get to that plump part where the green flower on that you said you're going to meet somebody. Get as much contact information as you can, file it in the exact same place at CES not in different places. After the show wait for about 3 days and then follow up everybody is wiped out they are exhausted, they do not want to hear from you 24 hours later. As I mentioned keep all in one area of your purse or your wallet at CES and then when you get home get all the materials reference them put them all in the same place. What you remember now you wont remember in 7 days time, your brain just completely vanishes. Then you need to take a chill pill and relax, maybe have a glass of wine and now that gold metal yours or again that rosette. You've now set yourself in good stead for CES. So think of CES as a cattle field, there are cows and there are sheep and there are horses and it goes nuts and people are elbowing and smashing it, punching each other out of the way, I mean it's not that bad, but you get my drift, but it's absolutely completely nuts. So when you arrive at the venue don't think well I'm going to wonder through because people will part they, the, the red sea for me or the dead sea which ever one you call it and people are just going to give me a hundred percent of freedom to walk through and swan around, people are absolutely manic busy and you will get constantly barricaded. So make sure you pace yourself on the floor plan, the exhibits, where you want to go, what you want to see, again achieving 50 percent of that is amazing for you, anything more than that is absolute complete gold, but you need to plan these extra tips and advance and just utilize the resources from CES that they have available on their website. My name is Heddi, I'm The BIA Cheese Founder of travel gift card Coming to you from San Fransisco. Have a brilliant one.


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