How to Get Traffic Reports on a Portable GPS

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Getting traffic reports on a portable GPS usually requires you to make use of one of the device's native features. Get traffic reports on a portable GPS with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese Founder of Travel Gift Card,, coming to you from San Francisco. Today, we're going to talk about how you can get traffic reports coming to you from a portable GPS. There are so many apps out there. It's absolute no-brainer. I scouted around for a few. I found one that I'm like, ooh lovely. You're going to stay with me for a while. I'm going to show you which one to use. Let's get going. So I like this app up here, it's called Beat The Traffic which is pretty much no-brainer because we don't understand what that means. Don't be rude here. There's got to be something wrong with you. So we can zone in and you can see, oh look at this. I love this part. It's just loads and loads of fun. I don't know why I get so fixated by grids and things but I do. It's like spaghetti juncture. Look at there, this is all the traffic. And these are all the problems. So you can see here, little arrows here. Click on one of those, oh no there's a warning, at a boulder somewhere, and there's something else and there's a pot hole going on and oh, there's an accident. Actually that's not fun. There's an accident on the 101. It's terrible actually, I shouldn't be laughing. On the 101, never mind. So you can flick around with this and find out what's going on. Just tap the screen again and an, oh my god, there's loads going on today. The warning on the I eight, I mean this does not quit. This planet is absolutely nuts when it comes to stuff like this. And then you've got little notifications up here as well of what's going on. And then you can click here, these little icons here. You can play around with some of these. And you can zoom in and you can follow, meet their friends and family can then follow you. Or can disable that feature so you can stay incognito. And then you can click the menu and you've got routes that you've set up maybe going to work at the same place every single day. Could be boring, could be really nice and methodical for you. Or you can add routes. So say I've got a route down here and I've saved this route and it says, oh no, I need to get from 3000 Hayes Street to San Francisco Airport and there's a delay down here. How insanely irritating. I might have to saddle my dog up and run it on the back the whole way down there. Or I can check down here and it will show me all the different things and the reasons why and the how of what's going with work progress. So take in to account there's incidents going down here. There's two going on. You could flick around from these and you could also add routes and you can also check your alerts. Your alerts basically is just reminding you that you've got an alert on or you've got an alert off. So I am not endorsed by these guys. I think they're absolutely completely right. They are called Beat The Traffic and you see what's going on or if you just bored that evening and you're at home and you're warm and toasty, and you know people are stuck in traffic, you can slightly keep an eye on what they;re doing. Like say for example friends are traveling up here because you're following each other on this app enough, the simplicity of how you keep a track on Beating The Traffic. So remember when you're using your GPS, you don't usually use it every three seconds. If you're going for a walk, don't turn your GPS on. There's no traffic on the sidewalk. Use it when you really need to use it or if you've got a friend coming to visit or you're going to a meeting, the technology now is so much easier to use. If you're not having a big deal about getting from A to B in time, just pace it and just ride the wave. I mean it depends what city you're in. LA, I lived there. It's going to be insane. New York, it'll be ridiculous, London, yeah absolutely completely nuts. San Francisco, it's going to be a lot easier to get around and find back roads. So choose your battles and the location and where you're going to be. But check your reports if you're taking a big journey or you need to be somewhere specifically on time. My name's Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese Founder of Travel Gift Card,, signing off to you from a slightly balmy but a bit damp San Francisco. Have a good one.


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