How to Get Back the Message You Put on Archive in the New Facebook

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Facebook now allows you to archive messages that you want to keep indefinitely, but it can be sometimes difficult to actually get them back. Find out how to get back the message you put on archive in the new Facebook with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi. I'm going to sit like this today. I'm The Big Cheese Founder of Travel Gift Card, coming to you from San Francisco. We're going to talk about you put an email into Facebook, you need to get it out from the archives, you're not sure what to do. New Facebook, new rules, new features, it takes seconds to do. Let's get going. Okay this is so easy it's ridiculous, I can do this. Look at our logo, our Thanksgiving logo, it's beautiful for Mytab. Click on messages on the left side you'll see, hey girl how you doing? An email form the real Heddi to the dummy Heddi Facebook page. Click on the right hand side, actions, click on archive. I have now set the Heddi number 1, the real Heddi to the archive because she's now vanished, you can easily see that she's not there, so then I'm going to click on there and refresh the home page again, I'm going to go back to messages, she's still not there. Where did she go? So you can flick around and click on more and go to archived, then you'll see Heddi come visit down there. Hey, girl how you doing? You can unarchive her or class the messages unread, I just classed it as an archive and way hey ho, she's now back in the messages and I'm going to play around with it again because I can because I'm in a deaf mood. You can then send it back to archives or you can then if you get bored of your own stupid antics, you can the just delete the conversation. So you can see the messages now back in the inbox, I'm going to delete it, it's permanently deleted, no more playing around, I'm an adult I don't need to be putting things in archives or not, just delete the message. It's very, very, very simple process. And then you can go back to archived and you'll see now there's nothing in there because it's permanent deleted. So the old Facebook it use to take ages, they're introducing features all the time, but it use to take ages to have to go through your emails or your messages, or they call them messages not emails at Facebook and find the ones that you sent and it wasn't really filtered correctly and wasn't really simple, they were trying to simplify everything, but archive now all you're doing is you're just putting it in to like a back end folder. I don't want to look at Heddi she's driving me nuts, I don't want to be around, I'm going to make life really simple, I'm going to lock her away in archive, I don't want to permanently get rid of her. So you can do that whole stupid thing that I was doing which I don't know why, it was just fun. You archive it, you take it out of archive, you put it back in archive. Just showing you it takes a split second to do. It's really easy to set up, use exactly the tools and the buttons that I have because that's a new Facebook version so that's going to be around for quite a long time. My name is Heddi, that's a like. I'm The Big Cheese of Travel Gift Card, coming to you from San Francisco. Have an amazing day.


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