The Role of a Public Relations Representative in Fashion

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A public relations representative plays a very integral role in the world of fashion. Learn more about the role of a public relations representative in fashion with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi and I'm the big cheese founder of travel gift card, coming to you from San Francisco, a bit gray, a bit rainy but still, today we're talking about the most insanely exciting topic, about the role of a PR rep in fashion. Now you can accommodate this for any kind of role, not just fashion but I'm going to adopt this specifically now, you can change it as you go ahead. It is going to be a long list. It will freak some of you out. I can do it, millions of people that I know, millions of people that I don't know have done this as well. You use this as your core foundation for making sure you have your hit list together of what your role entails whether you are working for a small company and you are passed as a PR rep who just happens to be the PR director and manager so you are having to do all jobs or whether you are assigning out in a larger corporation, come with me. Okay this list is going to freak you out. You'll get used to it. I do it, millions of people do it, you can do it, the role of the PR rep in fashion, size matters, yes. Small corporations you're going to have dirty fingernails and you're going to be doing grinding work and you're going to be doing a ton of different product work. Your task if you choose to accept this, I am going to run it through the list. You can freeze frame this as you want. You're writing press releases, you're making sure you're getting photo shoots ready. You are then re-writing press releases. You are then creating media lists. Use something They'll charge a fee but you can get all you need in contact from there, they're brilliant. Sign up to Help A Reporter Out for media pitchings. You get emails coming through three times a day. You can pitch to journalists. You're pitching to media again and again and again including vertical industries. I'll get to this afterwards, creating seasonal media campaigns like Spring, Summer, Fall Winter collections. You're planning pictures per say for monthly magazines four months advance, monthly magazines and the newspapers, one month advance, remember you're pitching timelines. You're doing damage control, emergency meetings, maybe there's a clothing strike where you manufacture your clothing and you need to present yourself to the media. You're getting ready for fashion shows, you're presenting, you're hosting, you're attending, you're organizing the invitations, maybe gift bags and you're going to do followups. Then you are also overseeing and you're managing every single day Facebook, G Plus, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest. It does not stop. Communicating with customers about marketing image. It could be that you're the spokesperson, you need to deal with the general public. You're then dealing with online and offline marketing like affiliate partners and campaigns maybe for Fashion Week or Peter or there's maybe a local restaurant that is having an event and they're wanting to use your accessories or have a fashion show with you. It does not stop. And then the next few areas because it keeps continuing, preparing for interviews for the founder, the fashion designer, make sure they're up to speed. Followups of interviews after they've done the interviews, look amazing, you're the face of the broom. You don't wear pajamas, you look gorgeous, product gifts for maybe you're doing something for the Emmys, for the Oscars, you want to do gift bags, you want to give media gift bags at different times of the year. You're going to have to sit there with boxes surrounded by you and put these together. If you work for a large corporation, you just simply delegate the above between a team. You need to pace it, it will be exhausting. So one thing I said I was going to talk about afterwards is vertical media. Say you've got an amazing clothing brand and you're using some kind of eco fibers or something that's come from India that is absolutely, it's environmental fibers and you've got a unique concept to it. You're targeting to the fashion industry, right? That's your core bread and butter but you also may want to target to environmental organizations. You may want to then do events that they are, the organizations are then using your clothing and your products or your accessories. So that's how you're turning into verticals, maybe something to do with the environment and the environmental changes of machinery that is used to be able to create clothing and its technology. You can then pitch out to technology media about why your synthetic, non-synthetic but your natural fibers are making the world a better place and you're using certain recycled materials. So you're looking at technology. You're looking at eco-friendly, you're looking at fashion, those are just some areas that you can also use as vertical markets. So you have to remember when you are putting this together and you're putting your whole full action plan together, you are going to work like a donkey. I have worked 18 hour days until my eyes are down here. I'm exhausted. I'm having lucid dreams about everything that I am working on and I don't know whether I even dream. I should have got paid overtime, it is absolutely draining. It is so rewarding when you see yourself in say for example, Nylon magazine or your client or whoever you are PRing, whenever you are at Fashion Week and you see the people on the front row who are now there looking at all the work that your client or your boss has created and you are now presenting there and you invited these people and you are following up and you're getting write-ups, that, it is amazing, it is so rewarding. So take this into account, but that's your load. It will drain you out, You will love it. My name is Heddi, I'm the big cheese founder of Travel gift card,, coming to you from a wintry San Francisco.


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