Bonding Employees: How to See if You Can Be Bonded

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Figuring out if you can be bonded requires you to take a closer look at your relationship with a particular company or organization. Learn about the ins and outs of bonding employees and find out if you can be bonded with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Hey. My name's Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese founder of Travel Gift Card, coming to you from a bit of a gray and murky San Francisco. So today we're going to talk about bonding employees and seeing if your a good fit. Now this is not just for you are all working together and are we going to be shuffling people around within the team. We're talking about maybe even looking for people that you want to recruit. We're going to focus on more like employee to employer like pair to pair. But you can also use the techniques that I'm going to explain to you in a minute. You can also use, you want to actually hire new people. You don't want too many of the same people. Too many of me the whole business will internally combust after one time. It'll be incredibly productive but everybody will drive it to the mad. So there are very simple formulas to do this and they're called SWOT Analysis. I've talked about this before. I am a massive fan of them and I'll show you how it works so you can use my tactics. Let's get going. So bonding with employees, we're going to get to the brass tacks of this. Bonding, can you be bonded, yes or no. Look at this now, the key elements to access bonding. A SWOT Analysis. I am massive fan of SWOT Analysis. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You can work out everybody's personality traits through analysis, analytics, if I can spell. Now if you're looking at me for example, an employer and employee et cetera, pair to pair. I'm confident, fast working, speed thinker, empathy, PR and marketing experience. That's my strength. Weaknesses, too fast for my own good, Speedy Gonzales. I'm a talker, not a listener. Opportunities though, I am insanely productive. I do the work of three or four people. The threat, I can jump up so fast, from scale one to ten I expect other people to also go at the same machinery speed as me. So you're looking at Jimbo now. Employee number one, or my colleague. His strength. He is irritatingly fantastic. He's calm and resilient, he is methodical and analytical. He's got amazing technical credentials. His weakness though, he's unsure of his capabilities so he needed ego boosting and slightly stalls on progress because he's slightly unconfident. His opportunity though, he can be trained easy from somebody like me and generate a good ego. There's good and bad ego. Remember that. The threat, somebody else will override Jimbo going on a faster speed. Are we a match? Well I can bring it up to speed and accelerate him faster. And then I can also bring him amazingly great confidence and ability. So he can then also teach me to be a lot calmer and a lot less feisty. So then we get a really good level of dynamics that complement each other. So yes, Jimbo and I are really good match. Too much of the same person on the team, it does not fit. You need to choose the right character or you will clash. So I've over the years worked with people who are amazing and people that have driven me absolutely insane. I have not slept at night because these people wind me up. The reason why they'll wind me up, they are two slow, they are too calm, they are too irritatingly lackadaisical in what they do or they are absolute antagonizers and they pick on people like me who wants to do a really good job and who feels that this job that I'm doing is my life and it is my everything. And that's not their philosophy. Now there are other people who are calm, who are methodical, my tech ingenia Jason. He's calm, he's relaxed, he's chilled. I'm screaming and shouting, he's just floating along and bypassing all those other antagonizing words and filtering through and he calms me down. So you've got two kinds of people then, bashing against me, one of them works perfectly, the other one is not. You think about that. If you're working with colleagues pair to pair, or you're doing a hierarchy, I don't know why I did that, but there you go. That's somebody up there and somebody down there in a hierarchy. You can use the same formula. Just because you are the boss doesn't mean to say that you are always going to be right and everybody has to bow down to you. A boss has brought in other people to be able to match on the person on a team culture of the company to be able to fit in what the task are that the boss can't do based on the credentials. So when you're looking at employees bonding take in to account you don't have to do huge big analysis. You don't have a to have a research company come in. You don't have to go and sit in a field doing Cum Baya and brainstorming for a whole afternoon eating lentils. Just do a SWOT Analysis. You will easily find out how you all work together as a dynamic. My name's Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese founder of Travel Gift Card, signing off from a very gloomy but beautiful San Francisco.


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