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LinkedIn is a great way to use technology to your benefit and connect with individuals in a whole new way. Introduce recruiters on LinkedIn with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm my name's Heddie. I am the Big Cheese founder of San Francisco based of Travel Gift Card, Today, we're going to talk about how to introduce recruiters to LinkedIn. Now that sentence is a bit tricky. Are you being introduced, are you introducing other people. I'm going to explain to you two different ways. There are various ways to use LinkedIn for networking and generating business. I've got friends of mine that every job has come to them through a LinkedIn. But sometimes you also have to be proactive in promoting yourself out. I'm going to show you two again, examples of how to use LinkedIn when you are communicating with existing recruit, recruiters, if I can speak, that you are connected that you are connected with and recruiters that you would like to connect with. Come with me. So now we're on LinkedIn. I've got my profile up here. When you're on LinkedIn, there's a few different ways you can do this. I'm going to show you these two main ones. The first one are people that you know. Shirley Blowers I have known her for years and years and years. She's absolutely amazing. She's based in the UK. Haven't spoken to her for a long time though. So you're looking at Shirley Blowers, she's a fantastic recruiter. Normally I'd say do you want to connect with this person who I'm circling. But because we're already connected it's not showing up. I could send Shirley a message. I could say, hey Shirley, how's everything shaking? I hope everything are going really well for you, blah, blah, if I could type. And if I can type again, and if I could type again, blah, blah, blah, blah. Can't spell today. And I could send the message over and that is the way to communicate with someone you know is a recruiter. On the right hand side you can recommend, endorse skills, find references, check the profile, share, save as, there's a multitude. Now these are all no brainer topics, so you're going to suggest to Shirley, under experience, click that. Click, say for example, my company we have a LinkedIn profile, so I'm going to do And the title will be Hey, great people working here. And then I want to elaborate on this because I know Shirley already. We now need to recruit more people. Maybe you want to find talent for us. And obviously I'll be specific about that. We're looking for people in this, this and this, excetera industry. That's one way to do it. The next way to be able to do it is by creating people who you are not familiar with. So click under jobs, and these are people who you don't know are recruiters. And just type in the word, recruit. Now you can type in a specific company name, I'm just going to type in recruit. I'm just go in to no man's land. So I click on, say for example the first that I see or the second or the third one, whichever one comes into my head. And I'm going to click on recruitment agencies. Normally you would zone in specifically. Now because this is generics, so I'm looking down here and I click on careers. And I can see a woman called Sharada. I want to find more details about her and I heard that she's an absolutely amazing recruiter. So I want to touch base with her for me. I'm going to send her a message to get introduced. This is the way you can get introduced. And I can do this through either blind emailing her or I can have people that I know who are connected to her introduce me. So say for Eric, Eric Corl I'm going to get in touch with Eric and I'm going to ask him, will you introduce me to Sharada. So you notice that say for example with Shirley Blowers, a brilliant woman. If you're ever in the UK you need created PR and marketing something like that, use Shirley. But she and I are already connected. We've been connected for years. I can just get in touch with her and say, hey we're expanding to the UK now, can you go and find me some amazing talent. I need people that are not like me because having two of me is going to be exhausting. But can you find people of this quality and these credentials excetera. Because I already know Shirley she's going to see the email. Or say for example Sharada, I can look through under jobs or recruitment. I just completely randomly found her or I was told to get in touch with her through people. The third way which I've not shown you because I don't want to confuse you too much, is just typing in the name of a recruiter that you have heard and if you have mutual connections, you can again run through the same kind of system that I went through. Say for example a recommendation through Eric. He is a connection of mine and he is a recommendation of Joe Schmo, the recruiter. So there's a few different ways but all roads are leading for the same direction of how to connect with recruiters through people that you are connected with already and people who you do want to connect with. Hope that makes sense. It's incredibly easy to use. LinkedIn's been going forever. So use their resources more than just trying to Google any kind of key words. Because you don't know these people. Try and do it through at least one or two degrees of separation than people that you know. My name's Heddi. I am the Big Cheese founder of Travel Gift Card, with my green flouncy sleeves. Have an absolutely brilliant day.


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