What Is the Selling Point for a Detail Assignment?

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The selling point for a detail assignment is the element that makes that assignment attractive to potential buyers. Find out about the selling point for a detail assignment with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Heddi. I'm the big cheese founder of San Francisco based Mytab.co, travel gift card . Today, we're going to talk about the selling point for a detail assignment. Now, something like this, it sounds really, it sounds a bit like a car mechanic. Something what a car mechanic or a car dealer would do, it has nothing to do with that. It is, you have a product and you are trying to come together, the biggest selling point, this is your crème de la crème. People are conscious about it, I'm going to make you conscious about this. The next time, you have any kind of product or any kind of website, or any business, anything that you are selling. How you can magnify that big asterisk, what is your selling point? And then, you can magnify that to be able to sell your product. So, let's get going. So, let's look at a selling point for a detail assignment. Trunki, kids products for travel obsess with. In the About section, on Trunki.Co.U.K., they sell to the U.S. as well, you'll see these sections I'm highlighting. Don't worry about reading them, I'm just highlighting them, because I'm going to explain to you shortly, what their selling point is and why people like this product. When you look at MyTab, my company, you've got Thanksgiving turkey logo up there, you can see Save Travel Cash, blah, blah, blah. These are the features and the most amazing part of about it, the guarantee, that's the key. So, now, we're going to go and see, say for example, Selling Points, Trunki, manufacturers great products for kids, travel suitcases and accessories. I've highlighted it in red, the selling point is exciting and educational for kids, making memories and having fun. So, there's no tantrums and suffering for parents. The, creating amazing products that make traveling with tots a complete breeze. They're using a great design to put smiles on both big and little faces, this is what their selling point is. Look at MyTab, a selling point from our point of view, you know we're about travel gift card, etc. And then, you can generate cash for trips and have friends and family contribute towards your fun, and the list goes on, on how worthy we are. Selling point, it's the fastest and easiest way to fund your travels. It is a happier booking experience because it's time and cost effective. Best prices with Expedia and we negotiate. So, you can then, book that trip of a lifetime, we reduce the pain in travel. The selling point, what makes you want to buy a product based on the pain factor and creating a solution. Have you got it? So, when you're thinking about the selling point for a detail assignment, Trunki, their product is to make life so much easier for kids. How are they doing that? They're creating great technology to, then generate fantastic products that makes you happy and great for the parents, and brilliant for the children. And the whole experience is so much happier. And then, you're looking at MyTab, travel gift card, very, very, very easy concept of gifting and saving and planning and booking travel. But why? The selling point is, you've got funds in your account, you're not scrambling around for deals elsewhere, because you're cash rich. So, you are now, empowered. So, the process is faster, it's easier, it's more enjoyable, blah, blah, blah, you get the drift? So, I've gone through, so if you've got a company now, say for example, you have a clothing store. Millions of clothing stores in America. What is your selling point? Is it the fact that you are the only one in San Francisco that can import certain kinds of products or materials from another country, that makes you unique? Is it the fact that you can do same day delivery, is that the selling point? Is it the fact that you have some items that have been used in the most amazing fashion shows and you're now doing a limited edition, only in the Bay area? These are your selling points and these are what your markets are. So, focus on five and then, narrow it down to your top three. And then, keep rotating ever so often. When you're pitching to media between those three and five, keep rotating to keep the ideas fresh. Hope that makes sense, go for, have a go, and start looking at what really makes you tick in your company. and your detail assignment. For selling products to the consumer or for business to business. My name's Heddi, it's raining in San Francisco today, but we love it. Have an absolutely fantastic day.


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