The Types of Exercises That Strengthen Your Muscles After 50

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The types of exercises that strengthen your muscles after 50 all have a few key characteristics in common. Find out about the types of exercises that strengthen your muscles after 50 with help from a fitness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to the cave camp, I'm coach PJ at CPJ Fitness for, and today I'm going to show you some exercises that will keep your muscles going at 50. Okay today I'm going to demonstrate two basic exercises that you can do when you start hitting 50 and getting older. Now we call it back to basics. So if you don't have a gym, you don't need a gym. You just use your own body weight. Going to do a push up first. All my toes, everything is in alignment. My hands are underneath my shoulders. I'm just going to go straight down and drive up. Okay if you can't do that right now you get on your knees. Again hand placement is still the same. Your hands underneath the shoulders. I'm going to keep my table top flat, my back. I'm just going to go straight down and drive up. This is a great exercise that covers the whole arm, the back, and the chest for those of you who want to maintain their strength. The other exercise I recommend you doing is again going back to basic is just doing situps. That will keep your core strong. So we are going right back to simple situps. We're going to lie on our back. Feet are flat. And you are just going to come up and exhale up and inhale down. Just exhale up then inhale down. If you can't come all the way up just yet you need to work up to it, you can just do crunches. We are just going to come up. And you just got to lift your upper shoulders off the ground and exhale up. And you want to tighten up all your abs. And then blow out like a well at the top. And then down. Those are two great exercises that bring you back to basics on how to maintain muscle strength as you get older. Once again I'm coach PJ at CPJ Fitness in San Diego, California for, and today I demonstrated some exercises to increase your muscles at the age of 50.


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