Kettlebell Exercises for Throwing Muscles

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One thing that kettlebell exercises are great for working out are your throwing muscles. Use kettlebell exercises for the benefit of your throwing muscles with help from a fitness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to the Cave Camp. I'm Coach PJ at CPJ Fitness in San Diego, California for Today, I'm going to show you two exercises for the throwing muscles. Okay now I'm going to demonstrate two kettlebell exercises that are great for the rotator cuff and the throwing muscles of the shoulder. One of them is what they call hand to hand or I call it around the horn. So you can just get the kettlebell, a comfortable weight that's challenging enough and you're just going to swing it around the body just like this. Now the key thing is once you get this movement down you're exchanging the kettlebell in the front and in the back. You want to spin it around as quick as you can and speed it up. This is going to work the whole shoulder. It loosens it up and gets blowing flowing and it opens up that capsule where you're not doing any overhead so there's minimal damage to the, stress on the shoulder. But it's a great way to get blood flow in there, work eye hand coordination and you just spin it around and then you slow it down and you do it in the other direction. When you pull back this way, it's going to really open up the shoulder capsule from the front and it's going to work the whole head of the shoulder. This is a great drill for pitchers, quarterbacks, tennis players, great exercise. The second one you're going to do is what they call halos, where you hold the kettlebell upside down and you start right here and you're going to take it around your head and you want to take it behind the neck and all the way around just like this. Now for people who have tight shoulder capsules, this is going to force you to open up your shoulder capsule. A lot of people end up hitting themselves in the head or they can't just, they can't even get around their neck because their shoulder capsule is so tight. This is a good rehab exercise as well, maybe even using a lighter kettlebell, one that you could handle but ideally you want to come all the way around and once you get it you want to speed it up and do 10 to 15 reps, slow it down and then take it the other direction. And as you can see it's working both shoulders simultaneously and it's really opening up the capsules. Kettlebells are great for shoulder rehab because it forces you to use motion. So you're compelled to open up the shoulder joint. You have to to get it around your head and around your neck. Again if you are first starting off and your shoulder is very tight, maybe you just do small circles like this. And over time you progress and all of a sudden you take it behind the neck, around like this. Those are two great kettlebell exercises for the shoulder. Once again, I'm Coach PJ at CPJ Fitness in San Diego for


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