Barbell Lifting Exercises

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Barbell lifting exercises are great for working out a few key parts of your body. Get tips on various barbell lifting exercises with help from a fitness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to the Cave Cam. I'm Coach PJ at CPJ Fitness in San Diego, California for We are going to show you a barbell lifting exercise today and I hope you enjoy it. So today I'm going to show you three different exercises that you can do with the barbell. There's a million that you can do but these are three quick hits. So with the barbell, we'll grab underhand, have my hands shoulder width apart, underhand grip and we're just going to work, actually I'll take a step back and we're going to do curls first, just like this, nice and smooth, nice and easy and breathe and you want to lean into the bar not back so if it gets heavy, you want to lean into it and then bring it down. Then we're going to transition and go into doing triceps. So this will be behind the neck press. So you'll have overhand grip. You'll bring the hand in a little bit closer and we're going to take the bar above the head and right behind the neck. Now the teaching point on this is you can have a stagger stance still and you don't want the elbows to flare out, you want the elbows to stay in tight so think about when you lift the bar up, when I press it up that you think about keeping the elbows, trying to touch each other. So the tendency would be to do this and see how my elbows flare out? You don't want that. You want to take it down and then straight up and focus on the triceps and I'm dropping it right behind the neck and I'm driving it straight up and that's going to work behind the arms. Okay? Our final exercise with the barbell today it will be a full body movement and will cover everything so we're go with a little wider grip, again about shoulder width, just outside the hips, excuse me and you're going to do a deadlift all the way up to a shoulder press. So I'm going to come down with my arms up. The bar is going to graze right over my shins. I keep my eyes up and it helps keep the back straight and then as I bring it up to my chest level, I will step back with my foot to provide back support and then drive the arms up. Okay, take it back down, you can take a step forward, back down, graze in front of the shins and then drive that bar up to the chest and the final drive here. This is a full body movement. You'll feel this in the legs, he low back muscles, upper shoulders, upper pecs and it covers the whole body. Once again I'm Coach PJ at CPJ Fitness, San Diego, California for, and we just showed you a barbell lifting exercise.


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