Non-Strenuous Exercise to Lose Lower Belly Fat

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Losing lower belly fat isn't necessarily going to require a lot of strenuous exercise. Find out about non-strenuous exercise to lose lower belly fat with help from a fitness expert and certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kristy Lee Wilson. I am a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist. My website is Today, we are going to be talking about some non strenuous exercises that you can do to lose lower belly fat. A lot of people carry excess fat around their midsection. And it's really hard to lose. Our bodies are very smart and unfortunately we can not choose where we lose that fat from. Now in order to lose fat we need to create a caloric deficit. Meaning we need to burn more calories then we are consuming on a regular basis. I'm going to show you two exercises you can do to target the midsection but in general you really need to up your calorie expenditure by doing aerobic exercises. Some non strenuous ideas are walking, cycling, swimming, really anything you enjoy. Even playing tag with your children. So the first exercise I'm going to show you that really can target that abdominal area is the plank. It's an isometric exercise and a really good exercise to really target that whole core area. For the plank exercise you want to make sure your shoulders are directly over the elbows. A lot of people perform this exercise with the shoulders back. You want to make sure that the shoulders are forward. Abs are in. Hips are not up and stomach is not down. You want to make a nice straight line from the head all the way to the heels. The second exercise we are going to do is the popular bicycle crunch. Now you are going to be on your back. This exercise involves you bringing the elbow across to the knee. So it's really targeting the obliques and the abs. To make this exercise most effective, instead of just bringing the elbow to the knee, you want to try and bring that shoulder across to the opposite hip. That's going to give you a much better contraction and work the abs a lot better. I'm Kristy Lee Wilson, and we just learned some non strenuous exercises that you can do to lose lower belly fat.


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