What Muscles Does the Flat Bench Press Exercise Work?

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The flat bench press exercise, when performed properly, exercises a few key muscles. Learn about the various muscles that the flat bench press exercise works out with help from a fitness expert and certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kristy Lee Wilson. I am a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist. My website is www.kristywilson.com, and today I'm going to be taking you through what muscles are used during a flat bench press. The flat bench press is one of the most common exercises performed in a gym for the upper body. It is a great exercise and really targets the pectoralis major which is the chest muscle. It can be performed using a barbell or dumbbells. This exercise also really targets the anterior deltoids, the front of the shoulders. Now depending on how far apart you have your hands during this exercise will also determine how much the triceps, back of the arms, are being used. Generally we perform the exercise with the hands about shoulder-width apart, a little bit wider. As you come down the chest is being used, as you press forward the shoulders come into play. And then at the end as you extend the arms the triceps are also being activated. If you have the hands closer together the triceps are being used more. The further apart the hands are the less the triceps and the more the chest and the anterior deltoids are being used. I'm Kristy Lee Wilson, and we just learned what muscles are being used during a flat bench press.


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