Ricotta Italian-Style Cheesecake

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Ricotta Italian-style cheesecake needs to be prepared in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Make ricotta Italian-style cheesecake with help from the owner of a family Italian restaurant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

All right. How's everybody doing. My name's Clemenza Caserta. And today Italian cheesecake. Does it get any better. Now American cheesecake is done with cream cheese, Italian cheesecake is Italian, and we're going to do it with a little ricotta cheese. So, here's how we got it. Three pounds of ricotta which is one tub, you can go buy it at any supermarket. What we're going to add to that, very simple, OK, a cup and a half of sugar. We're going to literally crack eight eggs. OK. And again, Italian cheese cake is a little different. You know you could add a little shot of cream cheese, it works. But again, it's ricotta based. It's not like the American cheesecake that's all cream cheese. Absolutely nothing wrong with the American cheesecake, absolutely delicious. But again, we're Italian, we're going to do a little Italian cheesecake. All right, after your eight eggs, very simple, a shot of Sambuca, OK. Now to sweeten it up about two, maybe three teaspoons of vanilla, vanilla extract and don't buy the cheap stuff. Buy the good stuff, you're going to notice the difference. A little lemon zest, OK. Very simple. Some people actually put the whole thing and squeeze the lemon in, all well and good. But today we're not doing that. It's my cheesecake. A little lemon zest, OK. What I like to do is take, I do like to take a little bit of the orange, squeeze a little bit of orange in there. OK. very simple. Eggs, vanilla, sugar, Sambuca, and there you have it, and the fresh ricotta. Give it a little whisk. Now you want to whisk this a little bit, make sure it's nice and smooth and creamy, OK. The longer your whisk it the more air you're going to incorporate into it. OK. Once it's smooth, unbelievable. Forget about it, I'd drink a cup of it just like that. Very simple, in a pan, little bundt pan with a little release, you don't even have to grease it up. Very simple again, pour it in, just like this, quick and easy baby, quick and easy, Italian cheesecake. There you have it. Very simple. Bake in the oven, 350, thirty to forty five minutes. Do you have to do it in a water bath? Oh if you feel like you need to, more power to you. But no, 350 in the oven like I said, thirty to forty five minutes, and there you have it. Italian cheesecake.


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