Italian Tilapia Recipe

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You don't have to spend an expensive night out to enjoy rich Italian tilapia. Find out about a great Italian tilapia recipe with help from the owner of a family Italian restaurant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

OK. Tilapia Italian style. How's everybody doing? My name's Clamenza Caserta. I'm the executive chef here at Stuzzi and we're going to be making some tilapia Italian style. Now we do have some wild caught tilapia which is a big difference from the farm raised. It will give you much more flavor and it'll be a lot more expensive, but definitely worth the price. We're going to focus today on Naples. We're going to do this Neapolitan style. OK. A little capers, a little black olives, a little basil, a little tomato, a little fennel. I'm going to simply walk you through the dish right now. Very simple, OK. We got some beautiful garden tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes. Very simple, going to cut them in half real quick, real easy, real painless. OK. We got some oven roasted peppers. Again real simple. We're just going to give it a little julienne like this, very quick and painless. So we got our tomatoes, we got our roasted peppers. We're going to take our tilapia. We got a couple of fillets. Now the trick with this, make sure you season everything, both sides. A little bit of salt on both sides. OK. We're going to do a little bit of pepper. Same thing you want to flip it over. You don't want to just season one side. OK. Flip the fillet over, same thing a little bit of salt, little bit of pepper. The beauty of this dish, real simple, one pan real easy, beautiful flavor. A little chopped garlic, little capers. We got some Gaeta olives. If you can't find Gaeta olives you can substitute whatever olives you like. OK. Some chopped tomato, right here fresh from the garden. OK. Very simple, some roasted peppers. Now again, the beauty of this dish, it's all done in one pot. There's no fuss, there's no mess. A little white wine. Now the thing with cooking with wine and I can''t stress this enough, if you can't drink it and don't like it, don't cook with it. You must be able to like, if you don't like it why would you want to cook with it. So in that case, we're going to take a little sip of wine. Now, very simple. I got some beautiful herbs here picked from the garden this morning, some fresh basil. OK. The thing with herbs, you notice I tore that one with my hands, I'm not cutting that with a knife. Once you start putting a knife through something and smashing it, it's going to bruise the herb. It will bring out a little bit of the flavor, it does have its point. But I want a nice crisp clean look. A little basil. Now we're also going to use a little bit of fennel that I have here. OK. Fennel has an anise like licorice kind of taste. Very simple, just going to do some fen, little slices of fennel. OK. If you can find fennel, I mean you don't have to put it, I like it. And once again and your building a recipe, it's a basic formula. It doesn't mean that it's set in stone. If you don't like it don't put it. You want more garlic, add a little more garlic, why not. OK. So again, a little more fennel because I happen to like it. Very simple, we got the white wine, a little butter and we're going to add a little chicken broth. Not necessary but if you do have it, it does work. And again not everybody has a beautiful wood burning oven behind them. But this can go in a regular oven, 350 degrees, anywhere between 25, 35 minutes. It's going to cook and the thing about this too, you got the white wine, you have the butter, you have the garlic, you have the herbs, you have the basil, it's all going to come together in one pan and make your beautiful sauce. So what we're going to do right now is get it in the oven, give it a few minutes to cook. After about 25 take a look at that. That is absolutely beautiful. OK. Now again, very simple it's like a one pot wonder. You got your white wine, your butter, your garlic, your tomatoes, whatever else you like. Very simple. Now real simple, just going to plate it up. Look at that. Wow. And there we go. Tilapia Italian style. You can put a little lemon around it. Take a little fresh basil, very simple. That's the dish, that's the plate. Bon appetite.


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