How to Get My Curls to Stay Without Hairspray

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Just because you don't have hairspray doesn't mean you can't get your curls to stay in one place. Get your curls to stay without hairspray with help from a hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire Coleman. I am a hair stylist, and I'm going to show you how to curl your hair without using hair spray. Now we're going to be using a curling iron and I'm also going to be using little duck bill clips. So first thing we do, take our curling iron and we're going to take a section. You really want to take sections the way you want your hair to be styled. So if you want a side part, we're going to take a diagonal section this way, and it's best to go away from the hair. Let's spin you a little bit. So take your section, start at the root and you're going to feed it through your curling iron. Pull up a little bit from your curling iron. You can even tap the end a bit and it'll help get your hair through. Roll it back down. Be very careful not to hit the scalp but keep feeding your hair gently through the curling iron. This way you're going to be evenly heating all of your hair in the iron as opposed to starting from the ends and wrapping in. If you do it that way then just the ends of your hair are going to be curled and it's not going to be even. And it's probably not going to last. Once your curl comes out, be very careful and I usually just squeeze the clamp a little bit just so that the curl comes out nice like that. And be careful when you touch it, the hair is going to be hot. Make sure you get your ends in there. And then you're just going to take your clip and clip it in. We're going to do another curl. And you're going to just basically keep going in those sections all around your hair. Now putting the clip in basically allows your hair to cool in this form in the curl. So if you take your hair out when it's still a little bit hot, then it's going to cool in the form that it is in. So this way it really ensures the curl that you have and this way you're not having to use too much hairspray. You're really just clamping and rolling back in. Be very careful. I'm really just kind of using my fingernails just to kind of work the curl out. Be careful. Wrap your curl up. And then pin it with a clip. Once you're done, you'll feel when the curls are hot and when they cool off. Once you feel that it's cool, you're just going to take it out, see it stays really bouncy, and it will probably reduce a little bit the longer that your day goes on but you can just finger comb through and then you have nice curls. Let's take this one out so you can see. Nice bouncy curls. My name is Claire Coleman, and I just showed you how to curl your hair without using hair spray.


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