Simple, Easy, Do-It-Yourself Hairstyle Updos

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Putting your hair into a gorgeous updo doesn't have to be the most difficult thing you try to do all day. Learn about simple, easy, do-it-yourself hairstyle updos with help from a hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Claire Coleman. I'm going to show you a simple and easy updo that you can do yourself. First thing that we're going to do is we're going to do a diagonal section starting just above the eyebrow, going back towards the crown. And you can just do this on whichever side you naturally part your hair. And then take a section from the end of the part across. And we're just going to lightly tease that section, just a little bit, only about a one inch section, a vertical section. We just want to get a little bit of lift, so you want to spray your root and then tease. And you want to tease from the bottom to the mid shaft of the hair. See, we have a little bit of root lift there. And we're just going to use our smoothing brush and just smooth over very lightly. Then we're going to gather the hair into a ponytail. And you don't want to make it too tight so we just did put a little bit of volume in there with teasing. We want to keep that up so that you have a little bit of lift there. And I like to keep a couple of pieces out in the front as well. But just smooth the sides in. If you do make it too tight then I can show you a little trick to get that released. But go ahead and make your ponytail. OK. And if it's too tight you can just take a tail comb and just hold your ponytail and stick your comb into the middle of the hair where you did your teasing and just kind of pull it loose. It'll just kind of help you maintain the shape a little bit. And then I'm just going to smooth out where I did my parting. And then you're going to take a little piece of hair that you already have in your ponytail and just wrap it around to hide your ponytail elastic. And then you're just going to secure that with a bobby pin. There you go from the back and from the front. My name is Claire Coleman, and I just showed you how to do a simple and easy updo that you could do yourself.


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