How to Make a Doughnut Birthday Cake

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Making a doughnut birthday cake is a great way to put a deliciously unique stamp on someone's special day. Find out how to make a doughnut birthday cake with help from a published cook book author in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dede Wilson and I'm the author of "A Baker's Field Guide to Doughnuts." Doughnuts are so hot right now, whether you are making them at home or buying them at the store, and making a birthday cake out of doughnuts is a new trend, and it couldn't be simpler. So, of course, we're going to need doughnuts and it's simply a matter of assembling them into a shape. So, one of the things I think that's important is just picking out a really pretty display plate because it's just going to make it that much more special. Now I have a bunch of vanilla frosted doughnuts here. I chose them for a couple reasons. First of all, I think that the confetti sprinkles is really festive and sort of birthday looking and also I really like the contrast between the color of the doughnut and the color of the white glaze and you'll see as we build this doughnut birthday cake, it's all going to come together. So depending on the size of your plate, you're just going to start putting the doughnuts so that they are touching around the perimeter and depending on the diameter of your plate, you're going to use more or less. I'm going to have one in the center as well. So this is really not about baking it's about just creating something really fun and festive and a really easy way using doughnuts which people love. So I'm going to make a ring with one in the center and now I'm going to make a slightly smaller layer. So you're just going to make the next layer you're going to just start a little more in towards the center and you'll be using fewer doughnuts and it doesn't matter how many you use, you're just going to figure out as you go and that's all going to depend on the size plate that you have to begin with. So definitely get at least two dozen doughnuts so that if you have a few extra that's fine but you don't want to run out of doughnuts. You want to be able to construct the tower exactly the way you want it. No birthday cake is complete without candles. These are just a really long elegant candle. I think that they will look great here and I'm not going by the number of, you know, I'm not trying to match the birthday person's age. I'm just going to for looks. How about a white one right on top? And we light them and then of course, just to serve it, I mean really the idea here is that each person gets their own doughnut. So I would say have some tongs to serve it. You don't have to cut into them. So you can see how easily that came together and of course, you know, I used these vanilla frosted doughnuts. You could use whatever flavor you want. In fact you could do a combo of flavors if you wanted, that way if someone likes chocolate, they can get chocolate. If somebody wants a glazed, they can get a glazed, one more on top. There it is. And there you are, a doughnut birthday cake that your special birthday person will not soon forget. You just need a beautiful display plate, some doughnuts, these elegant tapers will just make it really really special. There's plenty of doughnut recipes in my book, "A Baker's Field Guide to Doughnuts" and you can find more recipes at, The Baker's Resource and happy birthday.


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