Milk Gravy for Ham

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One thing that really goes well on a nice ham dinner is an equally nice batch of milk gravy. Find out how to make milk gravy for ham with help from an experienced food advertiser in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Monte Mathews from, and I'm going to show you how to make milk gravy to use on leftover ham. It'll taste so delicious that you'll really want to make this a family recipe. Now what we have done here is we have a slice of ham. This is ham that we cooked before. And what we're doing is we're trying to render some of the fat out of it which we're going to use to make the gravy. So here you have this nice piece of ham cooking away. You're just reheating this but mainly what the goal here is to get enough fat from the ham that it'll flavor the gravy. Ham fat is extremely flavorful, full of flavor. Some people it's the favorite part of the ham actually. Low and slow, rendering that fat out of the ham. So once this, once we have enough fat we take the ham out of the pan. Into the pan goes a quarter cup of flour. And the flour is mixed into the little bit of ham fat that we have left. And then we add, this is 2 1/2 cups of milk. This really is a milk gravy. We're using whole milk here. If you have a family and you're making this for everyone you need this much milk gravy. I would say that if you are one or two you might want to cut back on the amount of gravy. Nobody likes lumpy gravy so lets get rid of those lumps. What I'm going to do before I put this gravy on the ham is I'm actually going to strain this gravy so that we absolutely have not a lump left. And I'm going to leave it on the stove just a little while longer to get a little thicker. There we are. Lovely, lovely gravy. The wonderful ham flavor to the gravy. Now this is this beautiful milk gravy which we're just pouring over this piece of ham. You can see the little flecks of flavor in this milk gravy. This is the south coming home to your mouth. I'm Monte Mathews from and I've just shown you how to make milk gravy and make my ham taste even more delicious than it already does. My all natural hams are available at and I hope you'll take a look and see all the wonderful things we have to offer.


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