How to Make Ham & Pea Soup

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Making ham and pea soup is a really simple process that begins with soaking the peas overnight. Find out how to make ham and pea soup with help from an experienced food advertiser in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Monty Mathews of Monty', and my all-natural ham has some advantages that you just won't believe. And one of them is that we probably make the most delicious pea soup with ham that you've ever tasted. It's a really simple process. You soak the peas over night. This will get you so they will plump up. Now if you didn't take the time to do that or you forgot, you can also boil them. Boil them for about two minutes and you let them sit for an hour and they'll be ready to go. The base for the soup consists of three things. And I'm going to put them in the pot now and we'll start making this soup. First we're going to cook our soup base. And the base is the three, the holy trinity really, carrots, celery and onions. So the first thing you're going to do is you're going to take two tablespoons of butter and you're going to put then into your, a Dutch oven. And the Dutch oven should be of a fairly good size because you are going to make quite a quantity of soup by the time we're finished here. So what you want to do you want to get this all melted before you put in the three vegetables. The French call this a Mire-poix, three vegetables that bring a lot of flavor to the soup. The first is onions, second is carrots and the third is celery. There's about a cup of each of these. There's a few, a little over a cup of onion, but the rest of it, it's pretty equal. So now what you want to do is you want to soften these vegetables. You don't want to brown them, but just want to get them to the point where they're soft and that will give you the nice soup base that will give so much flavor to the soup. So all three of these go in, spread them around the base. You want to do this low and slow. This whole process is going to take a little over an hour and three quarters to make this soup. Now there's something interesting here that we're doing, we're getting these vegetables softened but you would think that, is the ham going to go in here now with the vegetables, but it's not. What we're going to put in with our vegetables is a ham hock. This is a ham hock. Now this is going to bring a tremendous amount of pork flavor to this soup. We're going to actually use our beautiful all natural Monty's ham almost as a garnish when we make this soup. We will sprinkle the top of the soup with our ham, our left over ham. But to make the soup there's nothing more wonderful than a great ham hock. Now our vegetables are soft enough that we can add the peas. Having soaked all night the peas have been drained and now they're going into the pot. And you'll notice that I'm not adding any seasoning whatsoever. And the reason I'm not adding it now is because I want this all to cook and get the maximum flavor before I start adding salt, pepper or any other seasonings that I want to add. We've used one pound of peas, one cup of carrots, one cup of onions and one cup of celery. So we're going to add now six cups of water to this pot. And here's the sixth. Now all we're going to do now is just put the lid on this. We're going to cover it and we're going to let it simmer on the stove for one and half hours and then we'll look at it later and we'll show you, got a beautiful soup. How easy is that. That is a really easy, easy thing to do. So now here's our beautiful, beautiful split pea soup with our gorgeous pork flavor from the ham hock. And what we're going to do to add to this and to make it distinctly our own, is that we're going to take little bits of left over ham. This is Monty's all natural ham, and this is a delicious, delicious ham. And we're using them almost as a, you could think of them as little ham croutons. They're just a little ham on the top of the bowl. I'm Monty of Monty' and I've just shown you how to make the most delicious split pea soup with ham, you've ever tasted. If you want to find the best possible ham to use in this recipe, go to Monty' and see what we have on offer. We offer whole hams, and we offer half hams. And they're a wonderful, wonderful, all natural product that bears the pride of New York State seal.


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