What Kind & Color of Makeup Should People With Brown Skin Wear?

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Your skin tone always needs to play an important role when deciding what color of makeup you should wear. Find out what kind and color of makeup people with brown skin should wear with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Joi. Freelance makeup artist in New York, and I want to answer the question for you all, what kind and color of makeup should people with brown skin wear? So, I've gotten my foundation here and my foundation brush. But before I show you how to apply just a couple of things. A lot of times, people with brown skin will have either a yellow or a reddish undertone to the skin. So that's going to determine the color that you use. You're out shopping for your makeup you can always just take a bit and test it on the back of your hand or test it on your jaw and make sure that it's not too cool or too warm for you. The second thing is sometimes people with brown skin can tend to have a bit of oiliness. So you want to make sure that you're choosing a foundation that is oil free. So the foundation that I'm using today is going to go very well with my model's skin because we've got sort of a yellow base to it and it is oil free so it's not going to add to any shininess for her skin. So just to show you how to apply that. An application is the same for any skin tone. I'll take my foundation brush and I will just lightly add it to the skin. Stroking in. And gently blend it. OK. This goes for brown, this goes for pale skin, red, yellow undertones, the application is always going to be the same. And everything is going to be nice and smooth and it's going to look great as long as we've actually kept in mind the red, yellow undertones. Whether your skin is dry, it's oily and you'll come out with the flower finish. OK. So you would just continue on around the face, being sure to blend and being sure that you're applying more in areas that need more coverage. With brown skin if you've got a bit of hyper pigmentation, which means you've got a bit of darkness, you can just add another layer on there. OK. That was just to show you the application technique. Of course you would go ahead and touch up any spots that you feel might need a little bit of extra attention. Finish with a nice pattern, making sure again to keep in mind your undertones so that it doesn't make your brown skin look chalky. So hope that this was helpful to everyone, and I thank you guys for watching. My name is Joi.


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