How to Exercise Your Hip Abductors & Adductors

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Exercising both your hip abductors and your adductors isn't going to be nearly as complicated as you might fear. Exercise your hip abductors and your adductors with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. I'm going to show you some Pilates exercises that are great for strengthening your abductors and your adductors. So go ahead and lay down on your mat with the left side down and the right side stacked on top of the left. You're going to flex both feet and have both legs laying out. You want to start with leg lifts. So go ahead and lift that top leg up and squeeze it on the way down, making sure to create resistance in both directions. Inhale as you left that leg, exhale as you squeeze down. Keep your toes and knee pointed forward, working carefully so that your hips don't come out of alignment. Go ahead and repeat that ten times. Then go ahead and lift the leg up to hip height and we're going to go into our leg kicks. So take that leg forward on the diagonal and then back on the diagonal. Feel free to flex the foot on the way forward to get more of a stretch through the hamstring and calf and point the foot away from you as you go to the back diagonal creating more of a stretch on your hip flexor. Again, almost like a pendulum going back and forth into this movement without moving the hips, keeping your breath steady and your abdominals in. The last exercise we're going to bend the knees and you're going to still keep the hips stacked, legs on top of each other, feet stay together, rotate that knee open and go ahead and close it. It's almost like you are a clam, rotating that knee open and close working from the outer hip, again resist on the way up and squeeze on the way down so that you get double the benefit from this exercise. Once you've done ten of each exercises, go ahead and switch to the other side to even yourself out. These are really great exercises for toning your inner and outer thighs, and I hope that you enjoy them.


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