Advanced Arm Stretches

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Advanced arm stretches are a great way to get a good workout from any place that you happen to be. Find out about advanced arm stretches with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. I'm here to show you some advanced stretches for your arms. So let's go ahead and start by stretching out the tricep. Lift the right arm over your head and bend the elbow and then reach behind yourself and see if you can grab your fingers and hold on to the fingers pulling down the arm down your back. If that's a little bit too intense, take the left hand and pull back on the elbow so that you can create that leverage and pull on that right tricep. Lift your chest, hold your abdominals and continue to breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth and keep your chin lifted. Hold this for about 30 seconds until you feel a nice pull in that tricep. Gently release and go to the other side, taking the left arm above your head, bending the elbow and see if you can grab the right hand behind your back and reach for the fingertips. Again if this hand is a little bit too inflexible, grab the left elbow with the right hand and pull that arm back. Hold that as you lift your chest, pull up in your abdominals and breathe. Lift your chin and go ahead and release. The next stretch will be for the upper back. Take both arms forward and clasp the hands one hand on top of the other so that the palms are facing each other. Go ahead and take those hands through your arms and lift them towards you, bending the elbows. Now you want to pull down on your elbows but lift up on your hands so that you create a stretch in between the shoulder blades and the upper back and you're going to nod your head forward and get more of a stretch through that neck. Go ahead and stay there, actively stretching the shoulder blades apart and then to come out of it lift the head, extend the arms and switch hands taking the left hand over the right, palms together, taking the hands through the arms, lifting up with the elbows, pressing down with the shoulder blades and nodding the head forward. After you've done that stretch, release those arms and take them down by your side. So the last stretch I have for you is you're going to clasp the hands behind the back, press the palms of the hands together if you can and lift them up towards the ceiling. This is a great stretch for the front of the shoulders and the biceps. If you want more of a stretch, feel free to lean your body forward and really bring those arms up towards the ceiling. The more that you lift those arms, the more of a stretch you'll get. So those are three great exercises for opening up your back, lengthening your biceps and creating more flexibility in your arms. Good luck and I hope you enjoy those.


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