Effective Lower Back Stretches

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Not all lower back stretches are going to be effective depending on your ultimate goal. Find out about effective lower back stretches with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna, and I'm going to share some effective low back stretches for you. So, first start down on your mat and you're going to sit back onto your heels. Hips going all the way down and then reach the arms in front of you. Go ahead and release the head so that you put your forehead down on the mat. So, your back should be rounded and you're going to breath in through the nose, out through the mouth so that you increase your flexibility. And think of tucking your pelvis through your legs so they get a little extra pull in those low back muscles. This is a pretty gentle stretch and good for almost every body type. So, you want to start with the stretch about 30 seconds. Then, go ahead and take your upper body forward and coming onto all fours, hands will be underneath shoulders, knees underneath your hips, hip width apart. On your exhale, pull your belly back and round your back taking the crown of your head in and tailbone in, stretching in between your shoulder blades and feeling that back stretch. Then, you're going to release that and go in the opposite direction, taking the crown of the head up towards the ceiling, tailbone away from you and creating length through your spine, arching the back. Keep alternating this movement, going into a contraction rounding the back and releasing going into spinal extension, creating more length in the chest. Your last stretch, you're going to come all the way up to a standing position. Feet underneath the hips in a parallel. On your exhale, go ahead and round down through the crown of the head and sequentially round down through the back. So, you're going to round all the way down until your lowest point of where you feel safe, but you're getting a comfortable stretch. Release the back of the neck, feel free to nod the head yes and no if you need to release some tension in the neck and release the arms down towards the floor. On your next exhale, press into the feet, use the abdominals scoop them into the low back and re-stack the spine, lifting up so that your shoulders and your head arrive last. Repeat this about two to three times working sequentially up and down with the back, increasing your flexibility between each vertebrae. So, these three exercises are really great for lengthening those low back muscles, and I hope that they make you feel better and help you continue on through your day.


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