Seated Leg Stretches

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Seated leg stretches are a lot easier to do than you might think. Do seated leg stretches the proper way with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. Today, I'm going to show you some great seated exercises. So, go ahead and sit down in your chair. Cross the right ankle over your left thigh. Press that right knee open with your arm and then slightly lean yourself forward. This is a great exercise for opening up the hips and feeling that piriformis stretch or that glut muscle really opening up. You're going to hold that for about 30 seconds, breathing in through the nose, exhaling through the mouth to relax that muscle. Then, you're going to uncrossed that leg and go to the other side. Taking the left ankle, crossing it over to the right thigh, make sure you're really crossing over so it's not on your ankle joint but just above the joint. Press that knee open with the left hand and lean your upper torso forward. Feel free to do it with a flat back or a round back depending on how much you want the stretch to work. Feel that knee dropping down towards the ground and opening up the left hip. From there, we're going to uncrossed the leg and go ahead and lengthen the right leg in front of you, flexing the right ankle and the right foot. So, toes are up towards the ceiling. Again, lean your upper body forward and you should feel a little bit of a stretch in your hamstring. If you're not getting it quite right, come to the very edge of the chair and try it again, pulling up on the toes and lean your upper body forward. Go ahead and switch to the other side when that hamstring feels like it's good to go and do the exact same thing. Pulling the toes up towards the ceiling, lengthening the back of the leg and feeling a stretch through that hamstring. Make sure the hips are even as you do this and abdominals are held in. Then, go ahead and replace both legs underneath your knees, so you're bending your knees, feet flat on the floor and place the hands on the kneecaps. On your exhale, you're going to round your back and you want to stretch the back out; inhale and open the chest and look towards the ceiling, giving your chest a nice stretch. And do that again, exhaling and contract the back and round, stretching between the shoulder blades, inhaling, arch the back. Then, come back to a neutral and rotate the spine to the right from the top of the waist all the way through the crown of the head, making sure the head follows the spiral and looks to the back wall. Come back to the center and go to the left, rotating from the waist up, rotating from the rib cage, through the shoulders and through the head. Come back to the center and repeat that right and left. So, these three exercises are great way to open up the hips, the hamstrings and the back if you're stuck at work all day and need some stretches to do at your desk.


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