Leg Stretches for Cheerleaders

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If you're a cheerleader, you should be working a few key leg stretches into every warmup routine that you do. Do leg stretches for cheerleaders with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. Today, I'm going to show you some stretches for cheerleading. So, the first one we're going to start by grabbing a nearby towel, strap or Thera band and laying down on your back, placing that band across the sole of your foot. Pull that leg closer to you using your arms strength and lengthen those hamstrings. Hold that for about 30 seconds until you feel a nice stretch and lengthen of the hamstring. Go ahead and switch to the other side, doing the exact same thing, pulling that leg closer to your chest, keeping the tailbone down on the floor and feeling the length in the hamstring. Once you've done that, go ahead and release the Thera band and come up into a lunge. So, you're going to place both hands on outside of the right foot and extend the left leg behind you. Tuck the pelvis under and feel a nice stretch through that left hip flexor. Once you've held that stretch for about 30 seconds, go ahead and place that left knee down on the floor and grab a hold of that ankle. Tuck the pelvis under and now you're stretching your quadriceps. Hold that stretch for about 30 seconds, feeling the muscle lengthen. Make sure your torso is upright and that you have your balance. Feel free to put your arm on your knee if you want more of a stretch. Gently release that leg and go to the other side, first starting with your lunge, left leg forward, right leg back, hands on either side of the foot, tucking the pelvis under and feeling the hip flexor stretch. Then, when you've hold that for 30 seconds, place the knee down on the mat, bend the knee and grab a hold of that ankle or foot, stretching the quadriceps. Hold that for about 30 seconds. Then, you're going to turn sideways into a side lunge, stretching the inner thighs. So, let's start over to the right; right knee will be bent, left leg is extended next to you, externally rotating both legs and tracing that right knee over the right foot. Go ahead and use your hands down into the mat to keep your balance and hold this position gently stretching out that left inner thigh. Once you feel nice and lengthen, go ahead and switch to the other side, coming into the same position, taking that left knee over the left toe, lengthening the right leg and increasing the flexibility in your right inner thigh. Slowly stand up. And those are three great stretches for cheerleading and dance routines that you need to do.


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