Stomach Crunches While Laying in Bed

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Many people don't realize that you can do stomach crunches just about anywhere - even while laying in bed. Do stomach crunches while laying in bed with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. Today, we're going to talk about doing abdominal crunches in your bed. So, go ahead and lay down on your back, place both hands behind the head and on your exhale, you're going to crunch the abdominals and come up and forward, looking right in between your thighs. Inhale and unfold and do that again, exhaling and crunching up. You want to do this movement without changing anything in your hips and pull the abdominals in so that your back slightly rounds and pushes into the bed. Now, the bed is going to give a little and you're going to sink down, but don't worry, this will still continue to give you strength in your core. Once you've done about 20 of these crunches, go ahead and move onto targeting your obliques. So, you're going to twist every time you lift up. So, hands are still behind the head, you're going to exhale and twist right, come down through the center as you breath in, exhale and twist left. Alternating back and forth, making sure you really get those obliques nice and tight. The last variation of your in-bed exercises are doing circles with the torso right and left. So, hands still behind the head, exhale and twist the torso up and around circling it to the right eight times. Once you've finished your eight, go ahead and reverse creating a circle up and forward to the left, taking your rib cage together, pulling the abdominals in, pressing all of your air out at the very top of your circle. So, these are great exercises to strengthen your abs if you just feel like a days for exercising in your bed.


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