How to Lock the Hips for a Push-Up

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Doing a push-up traditionally requires you to lock your hips in just the right way for maximum effectiveness. Lock the hips for a push-up with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. Today, we're going to address the hip position in a push up. Now, you never really want to lock your hips whenever you're doing movement. But, you do want to stabilize them. So, when you're in your push up, engage your inner thighs, use your low abdominals and slightly tuck your pelvis under, and that'll help keep your pelvis in neutral. So, let's go ahead and try it. Come down into your push up position. Hands underneath the shoulders, upper back lengthen, legs extending behind you and heels pressing together. Engage those inner thighs, pull up in the low abdominals, make sure you're still breathing and press your heels away. Now, go ahead and bend your elbows, lowering your chest down towards the floor and press yourself back up. See if you're able to really lock in those hips or stabilize those hips so that they don't move or go up towards the ceiling as you lower your chest down. These tips are great for push ups, but can also be applied to a lot of different exercises. So, feel free to apply them to other things and see if it helps you improve your workout.


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