Stir-Fry Chicken With Mushrooms & Bok Choy

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stir-fry chicken with mushrooms and Bok Choy will please even the pickiest eaters in your family. Make stir-fry chicken with mushrooms and Bok Choy with help from a passionate culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food. Where I take a basic recipe, add, change a few things on it to create a whole new dish. Today, we're going to be making stir fry, mushroom and bok choy with chicken stir fry. And I got my assistant here, Justine, who's the Fit Cook. She really loves cooking and eating, and eating healthy, as do I, she's a little bit better at that, than I am. But anyway, we're making a stir-fry, and so what I'm going to do is, I've got my wok pan heated up. I really like using just the pan by itself, easier to work with. And I'm going to add maybe a tablespoon of olive oil. You can add sesame oil, if you want, I like extra virgin olive oil, it's super healthy. Peanut oil's also an option. Then, well, not as healthy. Well, you're right. And it doesn't even have any flavor. Sometimes. Sometimes. I think so. I don't think it adds as much. I'm adding about two cloves of garlic, o.k., there's a little bit of sauce on there. Then, I'm going to add some chicken, it'll be like, chicken breast chopped up, you did a fine job of chopping up this chicken. Thank you. Put that. Someone's taught me well. Some onion, and I like the minced onion, I think, it cooks really nice, really fast. And that's important when you're doing a stir-fry. So, we'll go ahead and stir that up. I like to cook my chicken up a little bit, before I go any farther, chicken and the garlic and the onion. And I like the wok pan itself, it's better than just using a regular pan, because it has those sides on it. So, you can swirl it around a little bit, it heats up on all sides, on it. Then, I think, we're going to go ahead and add our, do you want to stir? I can stir. And then, I'm going to add some carrot, again, I chopped up my carrot, fine. A lot of times you see carrots julienne, and I like them, and I do it like that as well. But I think, this cooks a lot faster. Generally, that one you're serving, especially with kids, when you're serving stir-fry, if it's all chopped up in there, you just get a good bite, or picky husbands. There are some picky husbands out there, I guess. Well, I love you honey, but yes, you're picky. Then, I'm going to add a little bit of mushroom and again, I chopped these up a little bit smaller. It's looking a little dry. A little bit. Let's go ahead, I've got some sesame oil here, this is going to add that, this is going to be our sauce, basically. Sesame oil, olive oil and I'm going to add a little bit of hoisin sauce. O.k,, here's our bok choy. I've actually never cooked with bok choy before, so this should be, this should be good. Chinese cabbage. A good leafy green. Yes, and you can even chop it up, you know, it's going to cook down a lot. Put a stop, it's sizzling there for a moment. It's taken a moment. It's just resting, it's alright. So, add this, once it's cooked a little bit more, then I'm going to add my hoisin sauce, nice. You can really smell it now, it smells great already. It's better to start with a lower heat, I mean, I started out with a, like a medium-high heat, it's better to start out a little bit lower. So, you don't scorch your vegetables right off that, you don't want to do that. So, you can always turn it up a little bit, which is what I just did. You can really smell the sesame oil coming out now, and that is such a nice, little kick. And a lot of times, you can add some spice to it, I do have, let's add a little bit, I have some five spice powder. I'm just going to add a pinch of that. This, feel this, it's very aromatic. That is nice. I don't like it too much, because it can take over your food. Is that with anise, that's strong in there, that's the strong one. Anise, ginger, star anise, that's what's that, it's a really beautiful spice. Anyway, I think, that's looking really good. I'm going to add a little bit of our hoisin, maybe a tablespoon. Now, again, this is a one, one person serving and we're going to be putting it over quinoa. Oh, I like that. Some cooked quinoa, let's get that sauce stirred up in there, will you? Got it. Toss that about, I like the color, nice. Here we go. O.k., I'm going to scooch in here. You want to takeover, you can take it. Yeah. You can takeover. Scooch in, um, o.k., so, what I'm going to do is, go ahead and pour it right in here, right onto our quinoa. Love quinoa. Easy to cook, so easy to cook, here we go. It's got a little crunch. Alright, here you have it, you can eat with a spoon. Here you go, you've got your stir fry with bok choy mushroom. My name is Chef Amee Hoge, you can check me out at


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