Chicken Stir-Fry With Green Beans, Garlic & Ginger

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Garlic and ginger are two great ingredients to use when making chicken stir-fry with green beans to unlock additional flavors. Make chicken stir-fry with green beans, garlic and ginger with help from a passionate culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food. Today, we're playing with stir-fry, a chicken stir-fry with green beans, onions, or garlic and ginger. I've got one of my assistants here, one of my students, Justine. Thank you for being here. Thanks for having me. Eat healthy and cook healthy is kind of her motto and so she's going to be helping me just do a really fun and easy stir-fry. And we're going to start our pans cooking at like a medium-high heat. You can always crank it up. You don't want to burn your food. Because sometimes stir fry you do want to cook hot. But you don't want to burn your food. And some things take a little bit longer. I've made that mistake. Yeah. Me too. That's why I'm learning. That's why we're learning. And so we're going to add a little bit of garlic, probably like maybe a half a teaspoon, right. We like garlic. Whoops. And then we're going to swirl that around a little bit. Going to add some chicken. Nice job on the cutting of the chicken. Thank you. Someone taught me well. Then we're going to add, why don't you toss in some of those green onions, would you? I could do that. Ooh, yummy. I like the green onions because it's not quite as strong as the other ones. It give it a little flavor pop to them. It's a little bit different type of onion. The flavor's a little bit different, it's not so whoa, in your face. Sure, plus it has that color, that green color. Throw me in some green beans will you? Now did you precook these? Actually they're frozen. I just used some frozen because right now, fresh green beans are not in season. Right. Put a little more? No. That's great. And I actually cut them up. Again the key to quick stir fries are to cut up your vegetables. Just like we minced our garlic, I minced some onion, we chopped up our green beans, we even have some minced ginger right here. I'll add a little bit of that. You want to add that at the beginning of your cooking as well because it does take a little while to cook up. Boy is that potent, fresh ginger. Yeah you want to get those flavors. And minced ginger is fabulous. You can find it in the store, in the produce section, at most grocery stores. Get the one with the sugar in it because it acts as a preservative but it doesn't have any other of those funky things in there that you don't want to eat. I'm going to throw in some salt. Season as you go. Right. We have some cabbage here. Basically all we want to do is wilt this. Just some nice color in there, a little crunch too. And it's not too strong either. And then mushrooms don't take hardly any time at all to cook. And those are good for you too. They actually have a lot of vitamin B as well. And they tend to be an antioxidant from what I understand. A little bit of oil, we're getting a little dry here. Need a little more oil? I think that's, I think we're good. We're good? Yeah. OK. So then, now our sauce. Our sauce is going to be a little bit of that ginger, we have our olive oil in that's going to act like a sauce and then I also have this sweet garlic and chili sauce. It's really nice. That is really good stuff. Favorite. Can you do that for like a sweet and sour meatball. Oh, yeah. Can you use that for that? Oh yeah. I get this humongous jar, and I think I buy four a year. And I add it to so many different things. I think I need a little more. And it's got a perfect blend which in stir-fry or any, really any cooking, you want a nice blend and balance of flavors. And so here we've got that sweet from the sweet garlic and chili. We've got the ginger that's going to get a little bit of that acid, the crunchiness from our green beans. And I notice everything's cut up small too. Yeah. So you get a little bite of everything, and a little piece of everything in every bite. And you're not just one big hunk of this or that. That's right. And then you get all the flavor through all the piece of chicken too. Yeah. Perfect. OK. Let's have those rice noodles. Oh, these are great. I love rice noodles. And it's great because they're gluten-free. And they're also like an angel hair so they cook really fast too. So there. There's not excuse why you all can't eat healthy food. No starchy either. They're not too starchy which is really nice. OK. Whoops. All right. Here you have it. A beautiful dish. A chicken stir-fry with green beans, ginger and garlic. I'm chef Amee, and you can find me on my website at Chef Amee, with two Es dot com.


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