Five-Spice Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry Recipe

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Five-spice chicken and veggie stir-fry is a delicious dish with something for every last member of your family. Make five-spice chicken and veggie stir-fry from a great recipe with help from a passionate culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food. Today, we're playing with stir fry, chicken stir fry with a five-spice seasoning and a whole lot more other ingredients we're going to add here. I've got my assistant, one of my cooking students, Justine; "Thank you for coming", "Thanks for having me, this is good stuff right here; I love it." The, the fit cook. She loves to cook healthy and she loves to just cook. She enjoys it. "I do." So, we have a blast cooking. So, we're going to ahead and she'd actually helped me with some prep; she did some chicken, some, this nicely chopped garlic that we're going to add. I'm going to go ahead and my pan's on medium high heat, I'm going to add a couple of tablespoons here of olive oil. We're going to throw in some onion, "It's a beautiful color", gorgeous. "The olive oil is gorgeous." So good for you. It's good fat. Let's add some garlic; I happen to love garlic; yeah, table, tablespoon maybe of that one. "Oh, it needs, don't need", I know, "I'll throw a couple of them in there." Come on. "Why not?" Hey, why won't you throw in some carrots for me, "Here", and our broccoli. Now, I added according to how long it's going to take to cook. So, we've got that, the carrots take a little bit long and so is our chicken. So, we're going to throw in our chicken next. Nice, thank you. "And you see how small the veggies are cut up, it cooks them a lot faster that way." Looks, and then, you don't overcook. Go ahead and add some chicken will you in there? "And we've talked about we could, you could use pork." "You've", absolutely, you could use pork, "You can add a lean red meat if you want." And now, we're going to be adding our, our sauce for this is going to be a little sesame oil and some five spice seasoning and actually, let me add some ginger, "Hmmm", okay, "It's really good", a teaspoon. This is some minced ginger you can get at the produce, in the produce section at most grocery stores. It's got a little bit of a sugar in there that keep it to preserve it. "Right." But, it's fabulous, it's a lot and you can put a lid on it and you can keep it in the fridge for awhile. But, I'm telling you, I use that stuff tons. I'm going to season some salt, some sea salt and then I have and our five spice powder. Do you know what the five spices are? "Star anise", star anise, " Cloves, cinnamon and ginger", fennel. "Fennel, there's some ginger, "Fennel, that's right", yeah, fennel. "Little fennel." Don't need to add a lot, you can always add more. I just kind of sprinkle it in there and we're going to be adding it to our quinoa. "Quinoa." Okay, that is so easy to cook. We've got, all you really have to do is, you know, it's two to one. Boil up some water, a little olive oil, throw in your quinoa once it boils and it cooks, what 20 minutes, I think. "Fifteen to 20", 15 to 20, fabulous. Nice. "Or you can cook it in broth or stock to give it a little bit of extra flavor." There you go, they're one and a half servings there. "Who loves on a plate?" I want a plate. I'm telling you, here you have it, our stir fry, our chicken stir fry with five spice seasoning. I'm Chef Amee Hoge, you can check me out on my website at chefamee, with two


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