Chicken, Onion & Green Pepper Stir-Fry

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Chicken, onion and green pepper stir-fry is a great way to take an old classic and put a whole new spin on it. Make chicken, onion and green pepper stir-fry with help from a passionate culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food, where we take a basic recipe, change it up a little bit to create a whole new dish. Thank you for joining me today, this is my friend, Justine; well, actually one of my cooking students and she's going to be cooking with me, helping me create a really healthy dish. She's known as the fit cook. Thank you for joining me. "Thanks for having me, this is good." So, I've got a little olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, healthy for the body. Woow, that's nice and hot. You can hear that. And then, the garlic. Now, you did a fabulous job chopping up this garlic. "Thank you." I love garlic, so do you. "My cooking instructor taught me well." Yummy, yummy. So, put that in; we're going to put our aromatics in first. Onion, and, and as you notice, I chopped this up really nice and fine, they cook a lot faster. It's great if you're on a time schedule and you don't have a lot of time to eat, or prep. I think we have a lot of time to eat sometimes, we're just tired. So, this is really fast. This will get down really fast if you prop, prep it ahead of time and you could throw it in your fridge, right? That's what you do. "Absolutely." It's a little; "And people have to remember that if you have a busy life, you can make it happen", little carrots, "You just have to prepare ahead of time", whew, "That's the problem.' That's getting in my eyeballs. "Get a little garlic and any other", wow; "Don't cry." So, the carrot, I finely chopped up the carrot as well. I don't know how much carrot, maybe a couple of tablespoons of that and I like that too because it really, when you take a bite, you get all the flavors in there. "Right. You know, you get a big chunk of this or that", that's right, "And you're not getting all of it." Throwing in my green bell peppers; oh, and we need some chicken. "We do." Where did our chicken go? Our chicken walked off. "He said, I'm out of here."" Go ahead, throw me in some chicken. "One of the best proteins to use", nice, that's good, "Very versatile." Perfect. "Oop, oh wait, we've got a little, little rogue right there." Perfect. Okay, we're going to let that sit for a sec. "Alright." Well, I season all the way through, little sea salt, love sea salt. Then, we have, I'm going to add some sesame seeds. "Buy it in bulk, it's much less expensive, much less, yes, much cheaper, "And it stores well." Oh my gosh, "Do you use freezers?" You can. Actually, I freeze my nuts. I freeze all my nuts. Now, that's kind of funny, but I do. I throw all my nuts, pecans, walnuts, all that stuff, keep in the freezer because it lasts a whole lot longer. Now, this I'm adding, this is my own spice. Bahl, she's this a really cool Indian teacher on the Cooking channel and she has this really cool cookbook. Anyway, tandoori style garam masala. And so, "That smells so good", whole bunch of flavors, whole bunch; I think it's like a curry, kind of like a curry. "It's, it's a different, it, to me, "Hmmm", it almost has a sweet type of sweetness; "Hmmm", sweet type of sweetness." Yes, international flavor. I'm adding a little bit of sesame oil, maybe a teaspoon; that's going to bring in that sesame flavor along with those seeds. "Don't be afraid of the oil. It's okay. If you get the right kind of fat, it's good for you." That's right. Now, green bell peppers; some of them I buy them when they're in season in the summertime and I chop them up, throw them in the freezer and I just pull them out when I'm making a stir fry. I don't even thaw them really, I just kind of throw them in there and they cook up really nice. "You know, I find if we have to cook up a lot of chicken, sometimes if you have it still a little bit frozen, it is actually easier to cut it up that way, "Hmm", to the actual size that you want to." Yeah, you're right. I agree. "Yep. Now, you don't have to have peanuts if you don't want to, but I like the little added crunch especially with the green bell pepper. There's a little sweetness to that, "Yes." Then, I also, this is my, my favorite sauce. Buy this gargantuan bottle of sweet, sweet garlic and chili sauce. "Umm-umm." This adds lots of flavor. A little bit of sweetness; you want to balance the sweet and savory, "Right", in your, in your stir fry. "Well not really, you're not just getting a spoonful of just, oh, wow, that's too strong." You don't, you don't urge, overly spicy, "Right", and I think especially, well, I teach kids as well, that it's nice when you have them eat their stir fry and they're super excited. And they're like, "My kid never touches any of those vegetables." And I said, "Well", "That's why", you have to have a little sweet, little sweet and gar, sweeten garlic and chili sauce. "That's why you play with the food." That's why you play with the food. "Exactly." You like that. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and plate this up. We have our Jasmine rice already ready. One of my favorites, I love that it's, it's nice, it's almost like a sticky rice. They use it for this, in their, in the Asian restaurants for sticky rice. "Right." "Here you go." But, here it is, you got your chicken stir fry with green bell pepper and a whole bunch of other love in there. I'm Chef Amee Hoge. You can check me out on my website at chefamee, with two e'


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