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You don't have to go out to a fancy restaurant to enjoy chicken five-spice stir-fry. Get a great chicken five-spice stir-fry recipe with help from a passionate culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Hi. I'm chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food. We're going to take a basic recipe, change it up a little bit to create a whole new dish. And today we're going to be playing with stir fry, actually making a chicken stir fry using five spice powder. My assistant here Justine, one of my cooking students is here to help me. The fit cook loves to cook really healthy food and stay in shape and so she's going to help me with our really nice and lean, flavorful stir fry dish. Thanks for being here. Thank you, thanks for having me. All right. We're going to do a little olive oil, about a tablespoon, maybe a little bit more. Then we're going to add a little bit of garlic, like two, one of my favorites to cook with, two cloves, you can add as much as you want. That's goodness, good stuff there. Keeps the vampires away, you know. A little chopped onion. I like it finely chopped. It just tends to cook a lot faster. And if you're on a time schedule chop this stuff up ahead of time and then you can get this done a lot quicker. Mise-en-place, mise-en-place, like the French say. OK. I'm going to add some carrot. Again that's what I do with my carrot, finely chopped. Go ahead and stir that up. Want to add some chicken there for me? I can do that. Oh it does, it does take a little while for that garlic to cook. So we put that in first. Oh nice, thank you. Good, there we go. You did a fabulous job chopping up that chicken and the garlic. Well, you taught me well. Thank you, thank you. And the protein, great protein, very versatile. You could add pork if you want. You could and actually we did that one time in our class and that came out better than I even imagined. I didn't even consider using pork. How nice. It's a good protein. Good. I'm going to add a little salt. I'm going to season. I like to layer in seasonings so you can have the flavor all the way through. Then I've got some mushroom, but you're probably going to have to add a little bit more oil. Oh, maybe five mushrooms, and this is a single serving, OK. Now I added a little bit more oil because it's starting to get dry in there. They used, they sucked all the olive oil so I went ahead and added, it's dry in there, and so I added a little bit more olive oil so it can cook a little bit you know. Don't be afraid of the oil though. Don't be afraid of the fat. There are good fats and, extra virgin olive oil. Exactly, exactly. Sesame oil as well. Some people use grape seed, it's very healthy. Oh yeah, coconut oil. It's going to add a little bit different flavor but I do, coconut oil is a yummy yummy oil to use. And you have to pick one that handles the heat well. Because you don't want something with a lower smoke point because you're going to burn it and that's just going to ruin the dish completely. True, very true. Sesame seeds, and then I've got a little bit of sesame oil. You don't need a lot and this is fabulous. Get yourself a small little container, you can throw it on a lot of stuff. It makes it very aromatic. You can already smell it. Now do you refrigerate your sesame oil? Because I've heard both. I do. I don't think you have to. I think initially I didn't. But how I think I do. I just keep it in the refrigerator and I thing it helps me to remember that I have it. Yeah. And then you know, I think we need a little more color in here. Let's go get some red bell pepper. Red bell pepper? Yeah. That sounds good. And you know it doesn't take that long to cook at this point. You don't want to add something that would take too much longer to cook. Like let's say a cabbage just takes up quite a bit more time. Put some in there? Yeah. Put a few in there. Nice, that's good. The food has to look good. You eat with your eyes first, then with your nose, then with your mouth. That's right. If the plate doesn't look good, then you're pretty much not going to like it. And here's our five spice powder which is going to be the seasoning. We're not adding any bulky spice to this. Five spice powder has got fennel, ground fennel in here, ginger, star anise, which they are beautiful. I don't know if you've seen those, it's a beautiful spice. And then we've got cinnamon and cloves. So you can make up your own five spice powder. And its actually a lot less expensive if you can do it in bulk. At some of your health food stores, they've got a whole bulk spice section. And also some of the warehouse stores have them too. Nice. It depends. They carry different things. And so with this, you don't have to add a lot with that. It's very potent, five spice powder. And so maybe go less the first time around. Taste it, see if you like the flavor. I love the smell so far. I think it's good. Did you smell? I do actually. I think it's got a lot of different levels so to speak or what would you call it, different, um hmm. I would say levels. Flavals, different flavals in there. So I'm going to go ahead, I'm going to plate this. We got some Jasmine rice, one that we were discussing, our favorite rice. You can hold it flat so that it doesn't drizzle on down into the, oh I'm sorry. You need to teach me more. That's all right. There we go, a little bit of oil, I like my oil with the Jasmine rice in the broth. Oh nice. Such good stuff. I love this rice. It's very hardy. So anyway, here you have it. You've got the chicken stir fry with a five spice powder. I'm chef Amee Hoge. You can find me on my website at ChefAmee, with two Es, dot com.


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