Chicken & Red Pepper Stir-Fry

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Chicken and red pepper stir-fry is a delicious dish that your entire family will enjoy again and again. Make chicken and red pepper stir-fry with help from a passionate culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food, where you take a basic recipe, change it up a little bit to create a whole new dish and today we're playing with stir-fry, chicken stir-fry and we're actually adding red bell pepper to it and a little hoisin sauce and some other vegetables to it, and I have my assistant here today, Justine, the fit cook and she's helping me, she actually is one of my students and she said let's cook together so here we are. So today we're going to go ahead and add, I'm going to add some olive oil, about a tablespoon of olive oil, maybe a little bit more and then we're going to add some, a little bit of garlic, a little bit of garlic? I know. You almost can't have too much. Like two cloves, two to three cloves. It's a fine line. It's a fine line, a little onion, let's add a little onion and I like how nicely you minced this. Thank you, red onion, um. I'm telling you, I think mincing it and chopping it as small as you can sometimes for some of these things, especially the aromatics, really helps the cooking time cut down a lot. Then you did a fabulous job on this chicken. Thank you. Oh my gosh, nicely chopped chicken. My cooking teacher very much taught me very well, and you always taught me add your aromatics first because you're going to start the fragrance and you're going to get the natural flavors out of those right away. And then they take a little longer to cook. I will add at this point, some of that red cabbage, okay, that takes a little bit longer. It's bigger pieces. It's got a nice color, beautiful color, good flavor. I want my food to look pretty. You eat with your eyes first. If the food does not look appealing, you're not really going to want to eat it. Actually we were going to add, almost spilled that, we're going to add a little it of sesame oil. That's part of our sauce flavor. Okay, maybe a teaspoon. Now this is a one portion serving and I'm cooking this at about medium high heat. You can always start a little lower and crank it up a little bit if it's not cooking fast enough but you don't want to burn your food, because you can, that happens. So many times chefs will say oh I just turned it up real high, it's stir-fry cook it fast, you can burn stuff and catch your oil on fire which I don't mind doing that today. I love the smell of the sesame oil when it starts to kind of activate and the good thing about the stir-fry it's quick, a little salt. It is quick. You can prep all this stuff ahead of time. Your mise-en-place as the French say, putting your things in place. Okay, then the creme de la creme which is our red bell pepper which, a feature vegetable, which I actually chopped these up a head of time and threw them in the freezer. When they are on sale, this is the nice sweet bell pepper. Now the thing I enjoy about the stir-frys, they are quick, they're versatile, you can put whatever you want or don't want, leave it out and people can prep the week before and you've got food for the week instead of going to the drive through all the time, you know, you're putting just, junk in your body, an ungodly amount of junk in your body and this is so much better, a little sesame seeds. You know what, I'm just going to tell you this, this is my little secret, I went and looked for these and they wanted to, you know, charge like $10 for this jar, I mean like, that's okay and then I went and found it in bulk for $2.30 for a pound. I did that just yesterday actually, a pound. So buy it because sesame seeds are so good for you. Throw it on your sandwich. You can actually toast them ahead of time too, that's oh yea, that is looking really good and it smells amazing. I wish you could smell this right now. Okay so then what we're going to do is add a little bit of our hoisin sauce, just a little bit, and this has a little sugar. I would say maybe a tablespoon, maybe two, depending, I like a little bit of sauce. Now we were going to use our rice noodles. Now the hoisin is going to give it a little bit of salt too because it's a miso based. So you want to go a little bit easy on that to keep the sodium level down. So let's cook that. I just want those peppers cooked just a little bit, just a hair? Yeah. That's a nice color in there too. Now you do your cooking one day a week. I do. I am typically in the kitchen on a Saturday for six to eight hours and I finish up on Sundays and we're done for the week. I mean my fridge is stacked full of food and by the end of the week it's gone but I know what I'm putting in my body and I want to be able to control it. I've got one body, one trip here so I want to take care of it. That's right, one trip, let's do our jobs. Yeah, that's right. Okay, I think we're done here. Are you ready to plate? Yeah, let's plate it up. Those are beautiful rice noodles right there. And this is a nice gluten-free substitution. Yes. There you go. For those good sensitive stomachs which I do have a sensitive stomach so I have to watch what I eat also. Um, well here you have it, our stir-fry with chicken and red bell pepper. I'm Chef Amee Hoge. You can check me out at my website to learn more about me at Chef Amee, with two


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