How to Make Straight Garden Furrows

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The secret to making straight garden furrows rests within a few key steps in the process. Make straight garden furrows with help from a longtime gardener and blogger in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy from, and I'm going to show you how to make a straight garden furrow. All you really need a garden rake and a reasonably good eye. If I had a big old garden I would putting out stakes and string and, you know making lines, but because I have a little garden like so may people have little gardens, I just kind of eyeball the edges and I use a garden rake. Almost everybody has one of these and they might or might not know why they have one, but this is it because it's great for making a little straight furrow. You just walk down the row making your, making your little furrow, just like that. And then if you want to make another one, maybe 6 inches away because of what you're going to plant. Say you were going to plant spinach seeds, 6 inches would be about right. And you just keep going the other way, make your furrow with the rake all the way down the row. It's easy and fast and if you get a weird rock in the you just flip that out and then you think how far apart you want your next furrow and if you want it, you know 6 inches apart, you just go 6 inches. Like if you were going to plant spinach it would be about 6 inches alert. Just pulling that soil back. And then after you have your furrows made and after you've, you know planted your seeds, you can still use the rake another time if you want, you can pull the little bit of soil, think about how much you need, you can pull it back over your seeds, before you tamp it down. So this tool is great and they, it makes it really easy to make straight garden furrows in your garden so that it will be tidy and neat and everything will be spaced just about the way it should. So I'm Amy and those are straight garden furrows.


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