Blueberry Bush Planting Instructions

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Planting a blueberry bush is easy, so long as you follow a few key steps in the appropriate order. Get blueberry bush planting instructions with help from a longtime gardener and blogger in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy from, and I'm here to talk about how to plant a blueberry bush. I have one right here in a pot ready to rock and roll, but there's some things you need to think about before you put any plant in the ground, especially a blueberry bush because blueberries have special requirements that a lot of other plants don't have. Most of the other garden plants around me need a soil PH of about 6 or 6.5 somewhere in that range, but a blueberry bush needs a PH of in the range closer to 5 so much lower, much more acidic and that can be hard to come by. So before you decide where to put a blueberry bush the first thing you should do is check the PH of your soil, you can go get a test kit, you know at the local nursery or you can send your soil off to your states, you know agricultural soil testing lab. Here in Georgia that's at University of Georgia in Athens and that can be done through the county extension office. And if you do that they'll tell you exactly how to bring your PH down to the right level. But blueberries also like most plants don't want to be standing in water so the soil needs to be loose, you know full of organic matter. If you have heavy clay soil then you probably need to raise up the bed where your blueberries are going to go. And like other bushes or trees they don't want to just be in a hole so when you go to plant your blueberry even if you have the right acidic soil, you know the right PH, you don't just be digging a hole and drop that poor thing in. Make sure that you have prepared a nice big space, a nice big bed so that their roots can spread out because they're going to be pretty shallow rotted. So the roots can spread out across a big area and do their best for you. If they're not planted well then you wont get good blueberries and you'll be very disappointed. And the PH though is the key it'll, you know the plants will die if they don't have a good PH and that's, that's important. Like this particular plant that's in a pot it's in potting mix that's for azaleas and camellias that also like acidic soils and that's helped it along all this time. This is one I started from a cutting from The Rabbit Eye Blueberries in my front yard and The Rabbit Eye Blueberries are good for the south where I live. And so if I were going to plant it today, which I'm, I'm not actually going to because the PH here is wrong. The PH here is, is for a vegetables, you can see there's bok choy and lettuce and a Swiss chard right over there and this, so the soil in this bed here is too high, it's closer to 6.2 last time I checked it. So I'll have to find a place that has a much lower PH for this little bush. But if you're going to plant a bush, you know make sure that when you plant it that if you've got that clay soil and you're mounding it up, that you plant it at the same depth that it's in the pot that you have. If you decided, if you've purchased a bare root plant make sure that the soil level matches the soil line that's on the plant and you should be able to see it and if you can't then you need to take it somewhere to have, to find someone who can find that for you because it's important that the plant be at the right depth. And it's not always, I mean it's not always as easy as you think it's going to be to, to identify that, that soil line. If you plant it too deep, you know the, the stem will get funky, it will rot and that wont be good, if you plant it too shallow the roots will be all dried out and that won't be good. So there's a lot to think about, but once you get that plant in the ground, the soil is right, it's in a little bit of a sunny location so it's good and productive for you, you'll have wonderful blueberries to eat. And it'll be totally worth the effort that you put in to it because these bushes will last for years and years and years. You'll, you can have blueberries for 20, 30, 40 years and that's just a wonderful thing from one plant. So it's worth getting it right. And I hope that the tips that have dropped here will help you out and you can have blueberries too. So that's Amy talking about how to plant a blueberry bush.


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