Sauteed Mushroom Caps in Red Wine

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Sauteed mushroom caps in red wine have a really wonderful taste that you'll just need to taste to believe. Make sauteed mushroom caps in red wine with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, welcome to my kitchen at Back to the Roots, an herb and mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared, but tonight right here, you can call me chef Gerard. I'm really excited to show you a nice little recipe, how to saute mushrooms in red wine. And the cool thing is that I'm going to be using mushrooms that I've grown myself right here from this little brown box. All it took was ten days and a little bit of water. So once you get it all you have to do is open it up, fill up your spray bottle and spray it a couple of times a day. After about seven days you'll see little baby mushrooms start shooting out and after about ten days you have a full harvest. You can grab these mushrooms off, chop them up and cook anything. I'm going to show you how to cook mushrooms with red wine. I'm just going to use three simple ingredients. Shallots, some red wind and some delicious oyster mushrooms. Now shallots are funny little things. They're kind of like onions but a little bit milder in flavor and great in sauces. And I'm going to cut my shallot much like I would cut my onion. And just cut the ends off. I like to remove one layer of skin, nice little peel and then dice it up. And the skin won't come off. I like to cut it in half first so you can lay it down so you don't cut yourself. That's what grandpa Tony taught me. Dice it up. It's going to go into my dish. Now to harvest my mushrooms I'm just going to harvest them right off the box. You can see there's recycled coffee grounds in there. It's because they grow on recycled coffee and not much cleaning is necessary because they grow indoors and I know what they've been growing on, no manure or anything like that. Cut the end off and then just going to chop through them real quick. You can chop any size pieces you like. I usually go a little bit bigger, a nice bite. Got my pan on medium heat, I'm going to add some olive oil. I like to use just regular olive oil. I'm cooking on heat because it doesn't break down as quickly as extra virgin olive oil. It's actually pretty hard to find it these days, but I go to you know, stores like Trader Joe's and stuff like that to find some just regular olive oil to cook with. I'm going to turn my heat down a little bit, let these shallots cook down for you know, 30 seconds. And then I'll add my mushrooms right to it. Got these beautiful oyster mushrooms. And this dish is going to be really simple. I'm not going to add much else besides the wine and a little salt. Because I really want to bring out the flavor of those mushrooms and just focus on them right now. So you look at this golden brown right here. That's what I'm looking for. It's going to draw out that nutty flavor in the oyster mushrooms. Just going to add a little bit of red wine. Mmm, it smells good, and a little bit of sea salt. Now I let some of that liquid burn off before plating this dish. Going to garnish with one of my favorite vegetables, green onion for a little bit of color and some nice flavor too. And the oyster mushrooms took on that beautiful burgundy color from the red wine which really makes me hungry for a taster. So here goes, it's taster time. Mmm, the sauce with the red wine and the salt with a little bit of green onion to top it off is delicious. I really love this dish. I think you should try it. It's super simple. All you need are four ingredients. So thanks a lot. That's how you make oyster mushrooms sauteed in red wine.


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