How to Cook Bok Choy With Shrimp & Mushrooms

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Mushrooms make a great addition to a number of different meals, like Bok Choy. Cook Bok Choy with shrimp and mushrooms with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to my kitchen at Back To The Roots, a mushroom farm. It's not just any mushroom farm, it's a world renowned urban mushroom farm. And my name is Jared, but tonight, right here, you can call me Chef Gerard. I'm going to show you how to make bok choy with shrimp and oyster mushrooms. At Back To The Roots, we make grow at home mushroom kits. Now, these things are simple cool 'cause it only takes ten days to grow your own pearl oyster mushrooms. This right here is about day seven, it's a light blue grayish color and as we get towards day nine and day ten, it's going to be light white gray color. All you have to do is use your little spray bottle, spray it a couple of times a day; once in the morning, once at night and you'll have beautiful oyster mushrooms growing out of this box in about seven days, you'll see little baby shooting out and in about day ten, it's when you're ready to harvest. Grabbing right off, you can use a knife if you like, I prefer my hand; I just pull them right out of the box. Now, you can see, they're grown on recycled coffee grounds, so you'll see there's coffee inside. And I just want to cut the end off to get rid of that little bit of coffee that's left over. And then, I'm going to cut them, I'm going to cut them vertically first for this dish. I want kind of longer, almost like full pieces of mushroom in there to go with the shrimp and the bok choy. I think that looks good right there. So, these are nice pieces. I went down to my local natural food store to get some bok choy and if you're wondering what is bok choy, I like to think of it as the Asian spinach. So, it's a green leafy vegetable, watery, it cooks down like spinach does. Super easy to cook. You can stir fry it, you can add lots of different ingredients to it; nice crunch, good flavor. It's one of my mom's favorites when she came to visit me in Taiwan where I live for a year. She couldn't get enough of this stuff. So, here it is mom. To prep my bok choy, I just want to cut the end off of each and that's it; I've already rinsed them off. These are going to cook down to a lot in about a quarter size, so I don't mind keeping a whole like that and add it right to my stir fry. I've got it on a, about a medium high heat, add a couple of tablespoons of pure olive oil to the wok. I'm going to start off with my pearl oyster mushrooms and I've got the sizzle I'm looking for. Now, for this dish especially what's cool about the wok is that you can cook at different temperatures all at one time because in the middle, it's going to be hotter and if you push it off towards the outside, it's going to be cooler. So, once this, I'll throw the shrimp and the, the bok choy and then I'll utilize the, the outside of the pan as well. Now, I'm looking for that golden brown color in my oyster mushrooms which I see before I add the shrimp. The shrimp and the bok choy are going to cook really quickly once they hit that hot oil, so I only need a couple of minutes after I add them. Now, I've got some, some shrimp that I've actually shelled myself and with shrimp you know when it's cook when it starts to get that orangish whitish color. It starts off with the bluish gray color and after only a minute or two on some medium high heat, you'll see the orange. It's already coming in. And I want to add my bok choy which also cooks super quick. Now, if you're curious if the shrimp is cooked all the way through and it's not raw in the middle, you can tell right here that the shrimps have started to curl up like that. You can also touch it with your fingers and see if it's firm all the way through which it is right now. So, and to finish it off, I'm going to add three last ingredients; maybe a tablespoon of soy sauce, a little bit of red chili flake 'cause I like the spice and one of my favorite ingredients since living in Asia is sesame seed oil. I don't want to cook it on too high heat with the sesame oil. So, I actually turn it off now at this point, everything is cooked through. I'll just mix the ingredients up once more and that, that sesame oil is just going to give it a unique kind of Asian flavor with the, the nuttiness of the sesames and mixes with the soy sauce and the spice of the chilies really well. So, I must admit I had a sneaky little taster and I realized that the perfect finishing topper for this dish would be a little drizzle of lime all over it to give it that sourness to bring in, bring in all the flavors together. So, this is shrimp with bok choy and oyster mushrooms. It's time for a taster. Hmmm! Yeah, the texture of the mushrooms with that, the shrimp and crunchiness of the bok choy afterwards, the soy sauce, little spice, it's killer. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your bok choy with shrimp and mushrooms. My name is Jared, but right here in this kitchen, you can call me Chef Gerard.


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