How to Make a Mushroom Swiss Omelet

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You don't have to be an experienced chef to cook a perfect mushroom Swiss omelet. Make a mushroom Swiss omelet with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. Welcome to Back to the Roots, an herb and mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared, but tonight in this kitchen, you can call me chef Gerard. I decided to show you how to make an oyster mushroom Swiss cheese omelet with a little bit of tomato and baby greens on the side. So I'm going to be using these beautiful pearl oyster mushrooms that I've grown myself right here from this little brown box. Now it's super easy. All you've gotta do is open up the box, cut open the bag and spray it with water a couple of times a day. Once in the morning, once at night, give it a nice spray, keep it moist and all of a sudden these little mushrooms will start shooting right out of the box. In about three to four days after you start to see them grow you'll have a nice harvest like this. It only takes about ten days altogether. After that you can harvest them, chop them up and cook anything you like, like this omelet that I'm about to show you. Now to harvest these mushrooms I'm going to use the most sophisticated tool in my arsenal, my hand. I'm just going to pull it right off and all I'm going to do is cut off this little end part, that's got some coffee grounds on it because they grew on recycled coffee grounds. And from there, I'm not going to wash anything else just going to chop them up. For my omelet I'm going to want nice you know, kind of bite size pieces. And that's about it. I like to add a little bit of broccoli to my egg dishes, some nice texture, nice crunchiness and I'm just going to chop off some of the crowns right now for this. And sometimes I like to just pick it apart and have nice little pieces that's not too finely chopped up. They have a nice crunch and the key is not to overcook it in your dish. So you want it to be a little bit al dente, perfect. Got my pan on medium high heat. I want to use an old test right now my grandpa taught me to see if it's hot enough. I'm just going to add a little sprinkle of water. See if you get that nice sizzle. And it looks good to me. So I add my pure olive oil, maybe two tablespoons. Going to throw the mushrooms straight in. Let the olive oil get around the pan, the mushrooms in and let them cook for a little while before I add the broccoli. So I'm doing my omelet a little bit differently than some of you might, where I'm going to cook the veggies first and then throw the scrambled eggs in and then I'll fold the cheese into it afterwards. You know there's lots of different ways to cook an omelet, so I prefer this sometimes. Now I've got that nice brown coloration in the mushrooms, I'll add my broccoli. Because I don't want to cook the broccoli too long, so you know. Let the mushrooms cook and then add the broccoli in. Probably only literally 60 seconds with this broccoli and then I'm going to add the eggs. Going to add two eggs to my omelet, just a quick crack and scramble then I'll add them to my veggies. And I think our broccoli's ready so we'll throw the eggs right on top. Add a little bit of sea salt right before I throw the eggs in. This way the salt hits that heat in the pan and starts to melt a little bit. Then I'll add the egg in right on top. For an omelet you want to get that egg evenly around the pan. You need to create a little space for the extra runny egg. You can kind of push it into the center and then tip it back again. All that uncooked egg will come down, start to fill in your space. And then comes a little bit of the hard part of the flip. If you have a broiler you can just broil it right underneath it and it cooks the top. For the flip you want to work the edges, get your spatula all away around the end. It's key to have enough oil or a non stick pan on this so you can get underneath it and then with a little bit of luck and faith you just whoop, right over. Now to finish it off I'm just going to add a little bit of Swiss cheese right on top. So I've decided to use this low fat Jarlsberg here. It's a nice Swiss cheese, a mild flavor. I'm going to use I think two pieces. They're only 70 calories each so I'm not going to feel too bad. Right in the middle. I'm going to fold over one side, so it starts to melt all that cheese in the middle. Then you can let it sit for another 30 seconds or so, just to let the cheese melt and plate it up. Now I've plated up my omelet with a little bit of tomato and baby greens to add a little bit of that crunch and a nice taste to the tomato to it. It smells good. It looks good, so it's definitely time for the taster. I want some of that Swiss cheese, a little bit of those mushrooms and broccoli of course. Mmm. Now the broccoli is perfectly cooked, al dente, a little bit crunchy, not overcooked. The mushrooms have got that beautiful nutty flavor and that Swiss cheese just melted in there. It's amazing. So this is how you make oyster mushroom Swiss cheese omelet. My name is Jared, but you can call me chef Gerard.


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