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Mushrooms and goat cheese make great, flavorful additions to a variety of different recipes. Cook with mushrooms and goat cheese with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Back To The Roots, a world-renowned urban mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared, but tonight in this kitchen, you can call me Chef Gerard. I'm going to show you a nice little recipe with oyster mushrooms and goat cheese. Alright, for this recipe I'm going to use some goat cheese, a lime, some beautiful heirloom tomatoes and these fresh oyster mushrooms that I've grown myself. Now, it only takes ten days to grow these things. They grow right out of this little brown box. All you've got to do is open it up, mist it twice a day, once in the morning, once at night and after ten days, you've got a beautiful crop of mushrooms. You pluck it off, chop it up and cook whatever you like. Now, I just harvested my pearl oyster mushrooms. All I've got to do is cut off the end right here. You see that a little bit, it's the coffee because they grow in recycled coffee grounds. Take off the end, I'm not going to wash them because I know where they've grown; I've been growing them inside, there's no dirt or anything like that on them. Now, for this recipe, I like long thin pieces. I'm going to make a nice little salad and this is kind of, this serve as the meat part of the salad. So, I want it to be a nice chunk. Just like that, long thin pieces and I'm ready to sautee them up just for a couple of minutes and I'll throw them on top of everything else. So, I put my pan on about medium heat that I heat up for about a minute. I'm going to add some regular olive oil, maybe tablespoon or two. Let that heat up for a couple of seconds because I want to hear this. Perfect. A little sizzle means the pan is ready to start cooking my food. Stir them around a little bit to lubricate them in that oil and I'm just going to let them hang out and get a nice golden brown color. Now, I've got that perfect golden brown color on the mushrooms. I don't want to cook them too long 'cause I'm going to have a little salad. I want them to be slightly a little bit raw in the middle. So, the last thing I'm going to do is add a little bit of sea salt just to season them up and then take them off the heat and start preparing my other ingredients. So, I've got my heirloom tomatoes diced, ready to go. I'll add the red and the yellow. And then, I'm going to add my mushrooms, little bit of salt on this for flavor. Now, I'm going to add a little bit of goat cheese. I don't want to get too messy, so I'll chop it up first; dice it up, it doesn't have to be too fine. I'm going to add that in. Add a little bit of red chilis, I like a little bit to add heat. Some lime for my sour acid flavor and a little bit of olive oil, top it off. And I'm just going to stir it around a little bit. I know goat cheese can be a little bit difficult to stir around, but, couple spins through there and it should start melting a little bit with the heat in the mushrooms and the olive oil and lime will start to break down a little bit too. And then, we're going to put this whole mixture right on top of a nice bed of baby arugula. I've balanced my, my four main components here. I've got sour with the lime, sweet with the tomatoes, little bit of that salt and the spice with the peppers. So, it's, it's obviously going to taste amazing. Wow, I've thoroughly impressed myself and you know what time it is; its taster time. I think I want a nice taste. Hmmm! Voila! It's amazing. The tomatoes are delicious, it's tomato season; the goat cheese is creamy, little mini-texture with the, the mushrooms and I love it. Hope you enjoyed watching how to cook oyster mushrooms and goat cheese. My name is Chef Jared and I'm right here at Back To The Roots in Oakland, California.


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