How to Cook Fresh Mushrooms

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When cooking fresh mushrooms, you always want to make sure that you're preparing properly to avoid any potential hassles later on. Cook fresh mushrooms with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Back to the Roots and herb and mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared, but tonight in this kitchen, why don't you call me chef Gerard. I'm going to show you how to cook with fresh mushrooms. So going to throw a bunch of ingredients together and make a nice colorful tasty dish. Here at Back to the Roots we make grow at home mushroom kits. These things are super easy to grow. All you gotta do is take home the box, open it up, cut open the bag and then start watering it. After about seven days, you'll see little baby mushrooms growing out. This is about day eight over here. They're still quite small, a darker gray bluish color and then as they grow they start to get to a lighter gray color. All you have to do is water them to keep them moist. So give you a little spray bottle, you'll spray them a couple of times a day, once in the morning, once at night and after they grow these probably have another day or two left on them. You're going to harvest and cook anything you like. They're super delicious, tasty and healthy for you. So I was at the store thinking about cooking with fresh mushrooms and I just wanted to pick out some seasonal vegetables and all the stuff I love. So I got some tomatoes, jalapenos, some lime and a red cabbage is one of my favorites right now. For this dish I'm going to use sesame oil. So I'm going to put it at a little bit lower of a heat, kind of a low medium heat. Because the sesame oil doesn't want to be too hot or else it starts breaking down. The first think I'm going to add are my pearl oyster mushrooms, got a nice sizzle there. I'll let these saute up for about two minutes before I start to add my jalapenos and everything else. Got some nice golden brown coloration in the mushrooms so I'm ready to add my jalapenos first. Let those hit the heat, then I'll add a little bit of sea salt. Going to add some red chili flakes, not too much because I've already got the jalapenos. I'm actually going to add a little bit of honey as well to give it a little bit if sweet flavor in there. I always try to balance my flavors. So I want a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty, a little bit of sour, a little bit of spicy. At this point I'm going to turn the heat down and add all of the other raw veggies. So I'll add the tomato, And the red cabbage, and top it off with some lime and round out the four tastes with the sour. And then I'm going to stir it all together and take it out of the pan before that cabbage or the tomatoes really cook too much. I want for them to be raw, mostly raw in this dish. How to cook fresh mushrooms. Well, you take some mushrooms, chop them up, throw them in a pan with oil, add a little bit of salt, pepper, maybe sweet like honey, sour like lime and any other veggies you like. Sit back and get ready for taster time. Hmm. Nice it's not too much, nothing's overpowering. The taste of those mushrooms are really coming through, I'm loving it. So why don't you try to make fresh oyster mushrooms. I'm Jared, but in this kitchen you're going to call me chef Gerard.


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