Technique for Washing Mushrooms

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Washing mushrooms is something that you need to do in a very particular way for the maximum positive results. Find out about a technique for washing mushrooms with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone. Welcome to Back to the Roots, and herb and mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared Abbott. But tonight in this kitchen you can call me chef Gerard. I'm just going to show you a little technique for how to wash your mushrooms. I'm going to show you how to wash your mushrooms using mushrooms that I've grown myself right out of this little brown box. Now this thing is super easy do. You take it home, crack it open, spray it with water a couple of times a day and after about ten days you'll have a full crop of mushrooms like this that you can harvest by simply pulling it off the box and then wash them or clean them off and cook whatever you like. So let me show you how to clean them. Now because I've grown these mushrooms myself indoors, I know exactly what is on them and what's you know, not on them. And there is no dirt or anything like that. So for these I would just cut the end off. Because we do grow them on recycled coffee grounds there will be a little bit of coffee there on the end. So I would just cut that off and from there I would use the stems, the caps, all of it to go in any dish that requires delicious fresh oyster mushrooms like these. Now with other mushrooms that you might get from the store, you might want to clean them off a little bit. There might be a little bit of dirt, other things on the stems and caps. I prefer to use a paper towel so I'm just going to rub the kind of stem and caps around. You don't have to get too crazy about it. What's cool about using a paper towel is that when, you don't have to get them wet. And usually when you get any mushroom wet, it's going to start getting that kind of slimy feel to it. So I'm just going to wipe these off. Anytime you see any little dirt or anything like that you can just wipe it off. You could damp the paper towel a little bit. Obviously, you don't fully soak the mushroom, but from there, you're good to go. All you have to do is run a knife through them and then cook you know, anything you like with them. Now all I've got here is a little piece of mushroom stem that I've cleaned off with that paper towel and I thought hey, why not go for a taster. Raw, it's still good. It's got that mushroomy taste, meaty texture and just really delicious. So, hope you really enjoyed this segment of how to clean your mushrooms. Try it out yourself. Just use a paper towel, damp it if you need to. And you know, you're good to go. So, my name is Jared, you can call me chef Gerard. And I appreciate you watching today.


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