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You can make mushroom dip quickly and easily right at home, so long as you're going off of the right recipe. Find out about a great mushroom dip recipe with help from the owner of an urban mushroom farm in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, welcome to Back To The Roots, an urban mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared, but tonight in this kitchen, you can call me Chef Gerard. I'm going to show you how to make a mushroom dip with fresh oyster mushrooms. I'm going to be using mushrooms that I've grown myself right in this little brown box. Here at Back To The Roots, we make grow-at-home mushroom kits; all you have to do is open it up, water it a couple of times a day and mushrooms come shooting right off the front of the box, it only takes ten days to harvest. So, the great thing about making a dip is you can pretty much put together anything you've got lying around in your kitchen. For my dip, I'm going to take ingredients that I've got in my refrigerator and just lying around my kitchen, throw them altogether for a nice little creation. I'm going to use black beans, kidney beans, red onion, olives, some jalapenos, little bit of Ortega chili, fresh garlic and of course our mushrooms. Starting with my olive oil, just pure olive oil; we'll deal with the garlic first. I'm going to add in my red onion as well, about a half of red onion. Give it a quick stir right before I add the mushrooms. Little bit of jalapenos, it's about half of jalapeno. We're going to let this simmer for a minute or two before I'll start adding my other ingredients. We've got a little bit of a golden brown in the mushrooms, I'm going to add the kidney beans, just one can, black beans, one can; a small little can of Ortega chilies, not spicy, but a nice flavor to them, and one can of olives that I've chopped. Give that a stir once around. Now, when I'm making a dip, I like to add a little bit of broth or water even, just to get all the ingredients melting together, let it simmer for a little while. Now, what I have lying around in my kitchen is some vegetable broth. So, I'm just going to add that about a cup. You can also go with chicken broth or beef stock or even water too and let everything work together in that broth, let it simmer for five or ten minutes so that liquid will evaporate off and you have a nice little dip. Now that most of my liquid has simmered off and I'll fin it off, finish it off with about a tablespoon of cumin and sea salt. This will help brown up the flavors and bring everything together. I'm going to finish up my dip with a little bit of chopped green onions for color and flavor and some shredded cheddar cheese, 'cause let's be real, what's a dip without some cheese. And it's taster time. Now, I'm going to use blue corn tortilla chips because I prefer them to the traditional yellow corn. Hmmm! The cheese has melted perfectly, not too much. I like a little bit of that texture of the cheese, all the flavor of the chilies, the mushrooms, the beans, it's all coming together; I let it sit for a little while so it's melting together. It's beautiful. Check it out. This is how you make a mushroom dip. I'm Jared; I'm right here at Back To The Roots, an urban mushroom farm in Oakland, California. Thanks a lot.


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