How to Keep Deer & Rabbits Out of the Garden

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Keeping deer and rabbits out of your garden isn't as hard as it might appear. Keep deer and rabbits out of the garden with help from an expert on green pest control in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. I'm Louise Hodges of What we're going to be talking about today is how to keep deer and rabbits out of the garden. Well the easiest way to keep them out of your yard completely is to install a fence. You do have to make sure that the fence is tall enough for the deer and has spacing small enough for rabbits. An adult deer can easily jump six feet. So you have to make sure that you accommodate that. And as far as rabbits they can squeeze through some of the smallest openings. So you have to make sure that your fence goes all the way to the ground and that if it's a horizontal spacing that the spaces are small enough that the rabbit can't fit through. But if you can't afford a fence there are some other things that can be done. One of the best ways to keep deer and rabbits out of the garden is hair. You can get human hair. I actually went to my salon and got just what was swept off the floor that day. This is very very effective as well as dog hair. If you befriend the dog groomer you can get enormous amounts of hair. And since dogs are a predator of both rabbits and deer, they do not like the smell of dog hair whatsoever. Another option that scares the deer in particular are plastic grocery bags. You can actually tie these on to different plants and tree limbs and as the wind catches them they start to blow, they fill up with air and it can really frighten the deer. Along those same lines, if you have any old CDs you don't need anymore, maybe you have not used that software or your music tastes has changed, you can also hang these. And as they capture the wind it can really scare deer. This is especially helpful at night when the moonlight is out because this will really reflect the moonlight and that's when the deer are most likely to feed. And this will really scare away a deer. So between a fence and if you can't do a fence, you've got human hair, dog hair, the plastic bags and the CDs that you can hang from the bushes. That's how you can keep rabbits and deer out of your garden. I'm Louise Hodges with Thank you for watching.


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