How to Build a Spiral Herb Garden

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A spiral herb garden can make a wonderful addition to any yard. Build a spiral herb garden the right way with help from a certified clinical herbalist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Deserie your natural remedy adviser here to talk with you about how to build an herbal spiral garden. You want to start off with a mound of good soil that's three feet high and about five feet wide. To form it into a spiral you want to begin at the base with larger rocks and then winding inward to the top of the mound with the smaller rocks. You want to leave a space of at least one foot in between the rocks of soil for planting. And this is a great space saver. You're basically taking five feet and turning it into thirty linear feet into a coil. So it's great for getting a lot of plants in a small space. And once you've created the spiral you've basically created a multifaceted three-dimensional garden where you have different micro climates. So in the south side of your spiral it gets hotter and gets more sun there and you want to plant plants that are agreeable to this environment. Whereas the north side of your spiral will be cooler and a little more moist and so you would plant things that are more adaptable to that environment. So in the hotter areas like at the top here I've got rosemary which is OK with a little bit of dry soil and lots of sun. On the north side I would put parsley, something like that. The east side will have the morning sun but not so much of the afternoon sun, especially shaded by the rosemary. And so something like the cilantro which bolts really fast in full hot sun, you could put it on the east side so that it doesn't get that afternoon sun. And the west side will get more of the afternoon sun, so plants that do well there, possibly something like a basil would go well. After you've formed the mound and you got your plants in, another thing that you could do will help irrigation is insert some tubing with some holes in it. You could actually insert your hose there to make sure that it gets evenly watered. To save on soil before you create your mound you can fill a small pile with rocks and then put the good soil over top of that. When you're all complete with creating the spiral you want to water it down with the hose for settling to make sure that it's all settled before you begin your planting. I'm Deserie, and this is building an herbal spiral garden.


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