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The right personal exercise plan can help condition your body in a very effective way for the upcoming hockey season. Put together a personal exercise plan for hockey with help from an experienced personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chris with Live Fit personal training out of Kansas City, and today we're going to show you a personal exercise plan for hockey. I'm going to show you a series of three different exercises that are great for legs, the core, and for balance and stability. These are all key components to being able to skate well and take a hit in hockey. First exercise is a lateral jump. You're going to start on one foot nice and strong. Strong core, and you're going to hop to the left, get a little lower, hop to the right, back to the left. You're going to do a set of ten, keep going. One more. Press. That's your first exercise. The second exercise is going to be a Versa loop band, sideways lateral walk. So go ahead and slip that around your ankles. And then you're going to go to a squat position. OK, toes straight, and you're going to step to the right, OK, step together, back to the left. Back to the right. Back to the left and we're going to do ten of these. Make sure you keep your core tight, the focus here, these outer thighs and glutes. We want to make sure to keep really stable and really solid on this exercise. OK go ahead and rest. Slip that off. And the last one is going to be what's called a lunge jump. So you're going to go to a lunge position, split stance, and you're going to go down and touch your knee, pause, and then you're going to spring up, switch feet, grab and pause, spring up, keep going. And we're going to do ten on this one as well. Good. Three more. And rest. And that's a personal exercise plan for hockey.


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